My Yard 2015 - The Beginning

Getting the yard prepared
for SPRING...

This is two carpenter bee traps,
ready and waiting for the bees
to appear.

And two more on the other side.
I am so ready to take these bee's

For twenty years these bee's have 
drilled up in the bottom of my
shed, one day I am going to step up
in there and fall through!
What a sight that would be.

Now to the plants.
This is some of my 
poking its head out from 
under the dirt and dried leaves
I use to cover them each year.


In the front yard around the mailbox...
not really sure what this is. Planted
these bulbs years ago. When the flowerbed
was larger they fell with in the rocks.

And my House Leeks..
this is my dark pink/
purple color.

I also have a rusted red one coming

And this I think is my 

Now to show you some of the cute
things I have gotten for the yard.

And this is for the birds...
hoping to help them along with their

Thanks for stopping in,


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