Weight Update

Don't you hate losing a whole
blog post when still in the middle
of writing it?
Seems to be the way my
whole day is going!

On top of that first question....
don't you hate when you 
learn stuff after the fact?

More on that question, you 
will understand as I go along.

Weight update~


I have been eating what I like
  for months now, and with that over
the winter months I put on 4
lbs.....I know, heaven forbid!

Last week I cut out sugar and 
breads for 5 days and dropped
that weight. But by doing that I
must have reset my body
again so after 5 days when I fell off
the wagon I found that 
the ugly DUMPING feeling
was back. Yep, I ate a couple
of small (tiny) blueberry muffins
I made (cause I wanted them)...and 
I thought I was dying!

I got dizzy,
felt sick and 
my heart was racing like
crazy. SUGAR rush I guess.

But here comes the issue with 
not having all the info up front....
I had no clue that gastric bypass surgery
could lead to issues with your teeth.
I went to the dentist the other
day and it was not a good report.
I have to have five, yep 5 fillings.
I have one tooth that appears to 
have a chip in it which we hope
a filing will fix
and 4 cavities. 

I generally have healthy good
teeth. NEVER have I had an issue
with this many cavities at one time.

(photo from internet)

Oh...and that is not all, I have a mild
to severe case of gingivitis. 
Mom asked me if I thought maybe
one of my fibro meds was causing
this and it hit me..
Supplements !
My body does not absorb
vits and stuff like it should so
I must not be getting enough 
supplements that my body needs.

Upon pulling up this info on the internet
I found that teeth issues after 
this surgery is a common thing!
I also have to see a specialist for
another tooth and two cleanings
for the gingivitis. 

The dentist office wanted me to
purchase a electric toothbrush, round
for 135.00. HAHA
Not happening. Kroger had a good
one for a few bucks less....
a lot of bucks less.
So now I use that and a special 
toothpaste that cost 7 bucks a tube.
Both supposed to be good for keeping
gingivitis away....

Also....I found out in talking to a friend
that had this surgery years ago that
I should be wearing a medical alert
bracelet for having had the surgery.

(photo from the internet)

Apparently is I am in an accident and a tube
is inserted down my throat then
there is a chance the pouch (stomach)
could be punctured. 
Can I get another YAY!?
Cause you guessed it....
I was not aware of this.
I wear a bracelet almost all the 
time so I think I will invest 
in just a charm to wear on my

Well things just keep getting 
better and better....
for several weeks now I have been
having a burning pain in my
pouch area. I drink water, it burns,
I eat it burns. I keep getting in indigestion,
horrible feeling of needing to burp 
and can't. I was so miserable last
night so I did some reading. 
Thinking I might have an ulcer 
only to find out this might be 
Yep, lets have another 

Right now I am not a real happy
camper! I hurt, I feel like crap, 
I need to order a bracelet and 
I need to have 500 bucks worth
of dental care done in the 
next couple of weeks
(that's my part)!

(photo from internet)

So ....this is life one yr after
gastric bypass surgery!
Now to just keep an eye on 
this pain I keep having. 
Hoping to get through the wedding
and vacation before having this looked
at.  I have a physical May 10...
lets see if I can hold off till then...

oh....and lets not forget the fibro 
pain....yep, I am having a pitty
party right now. 

So do you suffer from constant pain?
How about a health issue that is
causing issues?


Sandee said…
You would think your doctor that did the bypass surgery would have told you all these things. Good grief. I'm just saying.

I hope you feel better soon.

Have a healthy day and happy Easter. ♥
Rain said…
Hi Pam, gosh that all sounds so awful and painful. I'm sorry you're hurting so much. I know the pain of dental problems...after I burned out, I had 5k worth of dental work to get done because I'd been grinding my teeth so badly that I broke all of my molars and basically ground down some teeth to the point of over sensitivity. Because I couldn't keep food down a lot, the acid from the vomiting wrecked all my back teeth and I had 3 of them removed. I still have trouble with brittle teeth because of it.

How did the doctors not tell you about all of these side effects and worries associated with the surgery? That's crazy to me.

Congrats on losing the 4 pounds though! Tough that you can't eat what you want...sorry about that!
MadSnapper said…
other than osteoarthritis and high BP i have none, had the gall bladder removed 3 or 4 years ago.. that same pain you are having. don't wait to long, it can burst or get infected, i would get that done before the teeth. it is go home same day surgery through 3 tiny slits.. i was in at 5:30 am and home by 4 pm same day.... you are having a lot of stuff piling up at one time.
Pilar said…
Sorry to hear about some the issues you've been experiencing Pam. Sending positive vibes your way! I have allergy/sinus issues all year long, but since the pollen is horrible outside I've been dealing with those issues. Wishing you a wonderful Easter!
With Tom always having something or other wrong with him, I always do a bit of research on his meds and illness. Surprising how much I've learnt. Doctors do not always know best. He was on a beta blocker for years, got a real bad cough and was then put on oral morphine for the pain caused through coughing, Hows this then, he stopped the beta blocker because I read it causes coughs and the cough disappeared. Told the doc and he said 'Oh yes, it can give you a cough' He could still be on the pills and morphine if I hadn't researched. Always check meds, that's my advice.
Christine said…
I didn't know about that bracelet thanks for spreading awareness.
Rhodesia said…
I wear a medic alert bracelet as I am allergic to some medications. It is not actually recognised here in France, but I think they would still look at it and see what is on it, or I hope so!!!! Hope you are having a good weekend. Diane
Darla M Sands said…
I want to cry for you right now, but as you know I'm still not back to earth. ~hugs~ My love goes out to you, sister.
NanaDiana said…
I have had two or three friends that have had this surgery. Two of them did really well with it-minimal side effects. The third one has had all kinds of issues with teeth, gums and low blood counts. I hope your health improves and you can get it all figured out. Wishing you a Happy Easter! xo Diana
Rain said…
Hi Pam! Jack is doing much better, I am quite sure he was misdiagnosed. We are very upset about this. I'm going to blog in more detail tomorrow though. Thank you for asking!
Ann Thompson said…
That all sounds like enough reason for a pity party to me. You would think they would have let you know about needing the medical alert bracelet.
So sorry to read about this Pam, thinking of you.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
So sorry you're having a rough day. I hope it all works out for you soon.
So sorry to hear about all the side affects you're having. Hope things get better. I am glad I read this as I was thinking of the surgery. Now not so sure. Will be checking to see how you're doing.

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