The Ballgame

Sat. I went to surprise my 
youngest grandson at
his ballgame.

That is him standing with 
his glove down to his side.

This is him in the batters 
box circle.

Getting ready for that 
certain ball.

This is Chandler AKA Freckles
one of my
grandson that came with the

So first time up to bat that
Knocked that ball almost
all the way to the fence.

However since batting is 
not where he excels the most
he striked out the next time up.

When I got there I went up to 
the dug out and said, "Hey Walz,
hit nana a good ball"!
He looked up and said, "Are you here?"
I think he meant, "you are here"...but
when he said that I told him
know he just thought I was

When he came in after he 
SLAMMED the ball
 out there I told him that if
he was going to hit that
way when I am there I need
to come to all his games!

This is my middle grandson

Being silly.

Game over.
They lost but they played
All these boys are new
to this game.

So proud that he is willing
to get out there and 
give it his all.

Amber, my
daughter wearing her
team mom shirt.

Okay, so Nashville had the NFL
draft like I stated in one
of my blogs.
Today's total was over
600 thousand 

that is a lot of
Hence the reason I stayed
over here on my side
of town.


Red Rose Alley said…
What a fun day you had at the baseball game, Pam. These are great pictures of your Grandson. I remember well those baseball days. My son played in the outfield for a couple years. And your Grandson slammed the ball to the fence just for YOU! He played so well, I bet he wants you to come to all of his games haha.

Sandee said…
I remember going to games and how important it was for our babies to see us there. You're a good grandma.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Ann said…
I remember my sons little league days. It was a lot of fun watching the games
Brian said…
I'm glad he has a fun time, he sure looks the part!
Christine said…
you are blessed with lovely grandsons!
Cute family photos! They are perfect for memories.
Liz A. said…
Baseball games are only fun when the players are family.
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, yea, I read about the Asian ladybugs. And they are different than the ones we grew up with. We used to run through the grass when we were young and if we saw a ladybug, we'd pick one up and let it crawl all over us. I'm not really familiar with the other type of ladybug, the Asian ones.

Debbie said…
both of my boys played baseball and i loved the games. i really miss that part of my life!!!
How exciting! What a great day you had.
Rhodesia said…
Sounds like a fun day out. Take care Diane
Your grandsons are lovely.
I enjoyed the ball-game photographs.

All the best Jan

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