Through the Week- Naked/NFL/ Crowds

This is my thought for the day!

only if I was really in energy
saving mode I would
flip that switch.
Things to do and no ump
to get it done.

I scroll FB, Blogs and Pinterest
most given days.
I think I found this on Pinterest.

Oh my gosh how true was
that statement?

Okay, be totally honest....

Have you ever done the above?
ME~ nope, for one, the neighbors
would be scared to pieces.
2nd~ no privacy fence and 
I would not want to be arrested.
3~ things in the garden bite and I 
am not sure I would like being 
bit in some areas.
I have been bit on the cheek
by a recluse spider years ago....
and I am not talking the
cheek on my face!

I only worked two days
this week. My choice,
since I have 365 days in 
a yr to work 120 hours or

One of those days we spent
a little bit out in the sun or in
my case the shade of buildings 
while a fire drill was taking
place. Just a planned one to see
how the bldg of folks get out and 
if it is on good timing.

This was my view from the 
Legislative Plaza (outdoors).
The tall bldg in the background
is the TN Tower where I work.
I however am on the 3rd floor.
When I went to work with Photo
Services the first time (yrs ago) 
I worked on 23rd. 

On one of the statues at the plaza
I saw this and thought it
was so cool looking.

Had to stop at a red light
on the bridge going in to town and 
I shot this pic.
A mix of old and new. 

Cool town, nice clean town, pretty town...
but of my gosh is has grown so 
fast in the last few years.

I pulled the below pic off fb, it was
added by Channel 5 News in Nashville.
It is also the reason I did 
not work but two days.

Downtown Nashville on the main
street, near water front park.

What the heck was taking place?
Only the biggest thing that Nashville
has ever seen, The NFL
Draft. Nashville has never been 
honored to hold this before.
To top that off it is the 100th
season of the draft. 

More stuff going on in town 
to bring folks to the draft.
There has been family events,
free concerts and the draft of course.
I personally am not a football
fan, and I am not a fan of 
this many people in one spot.
I don't care for crowds.

The first round of the draft 
took place yesterday, then again
today and tomorrow also.
Tomorrow before the draft starts
there is the Music City Marathon. 
in and around town so Pam is
at home where she needs to be!

Found this next pic
on FB also. 

Well my friend and co worker
T is shooting pics of the event
in town this evening for Tourism.
I think I would have to partake
in the event below if 
I had to go to town.


Brian said…
Oh my, that crowd, there’s more people there than actually go to football games!
Christine said…
Love the first 2 memes.
Wow that is a serious crowd in Nashville! World Naked Gardening Day? What will they think of next! Funny. I love the Belgian beers with a slice of orange on a hot summer day. Yummy!
Rhodesia said…
I also hate crowds, they give me the heebie geebies!! Happy weekend Diane
Ann said…
Energy saving mode is where I go when I get home from work on most nights.
All those people in one place, no way would I be caught dead in that crowd. Of course I don't care for football either so no reason to be there.
No naked gardening for me. I would scare the
CHERI said…
Oh dear me. That crowd would not be for me!!! (Sorry I didn't mean to rhyme!!!) Your photos are wonderful.
Liz A. said…
I'm not a fan of crowds either. That's a lot of people.

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