Bible and Flowers

 Tabitha Tuders
would be 29 years old 
now. She came up missing
16 years ago (yesterday) walking to the 
bus stop but never made it. 

(pic taken from FB)

Even after all this time, no 
clues, no leads.

I have an uncle, was married to
my dads sister Patsy. He is a preacher
in New Mexico.
My aunt Patsy past in May
of 2008. 
My cousin told me that her
dad wanted to send me a Bible
that once belonged to my
dad. I got it last week.


All he knew is that my dad
had given the Bible to Patsy and 
he wanted to get it back to 
us kids.
Check out the date
Dad was in the Navy. 

Well the garden is beginning
to bloom and do something.

This is a deep dark purple
that is about to pop out.

And my spiderwort
is blooming.

Years ago as a teen, yep, that was
a LOT of years ago I 
was really allergic to this stuff.
Now, it don't bother me.
Thank goodness for 
allergy shots for 10 years.

Dinner the other day after
Bradens ballgame with 
Theresa, the we headed to the lake.

Can you pick out the bee butt?
Taken with cell but due to 
it hanging over the lake I
just could not get closer.

I am so not a selfie person BUT
after looking for pics of my friend
Laura and I and not finding many
cause I dislike pics of me...
I decided to do some along the
way. Hoping this will help
my kids when they need to find
pics of me.

Now I leave you with a 
pretty site of wild flowers
growing in a field. 


Nice to see some flowers. I grow iris and spiderwort, as well. I understand your feelings about selfies in that I don't like any pictures of myself either. Mind you, I don't spend lots of time perfecting the angle and the pose like "the youngens". -Jenn
Beautiful spring images. Love the selfie! The bible must have been a great surprise to receive. How wonderful it has his handwriting in it.
Christine said…
That's a great selfie!
Brian said…
How cool to get that Bible back. We love it when Spring starts showing off!
wisps of words said…
Allergy shots.... This means that you get a shot, every spring, maybe? And it takes care of such things, as flowering allergies?

But you were never allergic to animals?

Very pretty selfie of you. The lavender top is lovely on you.

Sandee said…
Oh my on that missing gal. What an awful thing for the rest of the family.

What a lovely gift from your dad. I'm glad you have it.

Love all the nature shots. Beautiful and so are you.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Debbie said…
who was Tabitha Tuders?? it must be nice to have your dads bible back, it looks well worn and well loved!!

that is a great picture of you!!!
That's so sad to have never found that girl. I love the Bible, what a special gift. Nothing better than the signs of Spring!
Rhodesia said…
It must be terrible for the parents of that girl never knowing what happened to her. No closure of any sort!
Glad that you finally got the bible. I sent our family bible on to another distant member of our family who has children who are interested in the family tree. Over the years the births, marriages and deaths had all been written in it. Love the photo of you. Have a good week, Diane
Liz A. said…
My mother has a similar issue. For years she's refused to be in pics, so we pretty much don't have any of her for the last 35 years. Although, nowadays my brother insists on pics of everyone at every gathering. So, now there's a few...

Nice to get a memento from your father. Funny how things get back to us.
Ann said…
That bible is quite a treasure. Love the shot of the wildflowers

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