Bday / Toys/ Animals / Lotion

Yesterday my aunt, my mom's youngest
sister turned 64. 
Hoping she had a great day.

Look at these toys you are 
get for your dog...

Yep...13 bucks for your 
dog to chew up.
Dakota would have a hole
in that in a matter of mins.

Cute....this is for the pets food.
Looks like a Mason jar.

My baby girl.

These are the two newest horses
at the barn.
Scout and FedEx. 
Scout is the black and white.
So pretty.

This is my friend Tim's baby.
I am sort of splitting time with
Tim's neighbor in taking care
of him since they are keeping
Tim in the hospital till Friday.

Surgery went well but being that
Tim lives alone and can't 
change his own bandages they
are keeping him.
He has to remain pretty still
anyway for the graths to take.

I had a friend asking me on 
FB what I mix for my lotion.

I purchase this at Dollar General.
3 bucks to bottles.
Great thick lotion.

I squeeze a lot into this jar.

 I put about 12 drops of this in the jar.

12 drops of this.

I also add Wintergreen for the crisp cool
feeling (thought I had a pic but I took two 
of the Lavender)!

Put the lid on...and shake.
Great for healing sores, scratches or
even scars.


Darla M Sands said…
Thank you for sharing your recipe. ~grin~ Sorry your friend is stuck at the hospital. Best wishes to all!
Sandee said…
Puppy sitting. I'm sure that sweet baby appreciates your care.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sandra said…
love Tims pup and both horses are so pretty. i did not know you mix our own lotion, great idea. i am loving the rosemary in my shampoo, it works beautifully
Billie Jo said…
Hi Pam!
You know...we can never get those toys for our dogs!
Our Lhasapoo Kirby does the exact same thing!!!!!
They last 5 minutes. Tops.
Have a cozy afternoon.
Snow here!
Sally said…
Your horse if pretty, Pam! :)

And, you're a good friend to Tim; actually you're a great friend to all.

I'm so glad to have 'met' you. :)

Rhodesia said…
I love piebald horses, one of the very first horses I learnt to ride on was a piebald called Punch.

Glad to hear Tim is being well looked after. Keep well, Diane
Ann said…
Tha pup is probably wondering where dad is and when he's coming home. I've been wanting to start trying some of the essential oils, just haven't gotten around to it
Rain said…
The critters are gorgeous! So nice that you're taking care of Tim's dog. :) I'm getting into the essential oils. We use rosemary essential oil for stomach aches and it works pretty well when you mix it with mineral oil and rub it on the tummy!
Christine said…
Glad your friend is doing ok.
Pilar said…
Happy Birthday to your aunt!
Love the pretty horses.
Oh, I hope the poor dog gets better soon. That lotion looks very cool.
Liz A. said…
Happy birthday to your aunt.

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