Shopping with ME

Recently I attended a conference in Pigeon Forge, TN.,
in the Smoky Mountains.
The day hours were spent attending the conference.
But the nights were ours.

My two partners in crime (just a saying)...
the two women I work with love to shop.
I on the other hand do not like shopping!

But I tagged along, what time I was not sitting
in the van driving them from store to store.

I found myself in Kirklands! Oh yeah, my kind of

I try things on!

Like sock monkey hats!

HI there!

From there I went to the cool look...yep, not
doing much for me!

I did go in the dress store cause they told me the
Statue of Liberty
was in there...

Great photo op.
She was a tad short for me.

Loved this apron! Needed
a hat with it.
But it was cute.

I loved this one!

This next pic was taken a couple years ago.
I was at JC Penney's trying on clearance
shoes! Then I added the yellow
brick road.

Party City.

Tried this on at the Womans Show this
past May. Loved it!
Sexy ....

Was at Party City with my mom back a couple
of months ago and I put these on...
had my mom take my pic, I think she
thought I had lost my mind!

So this is what shopping with me is like...

Thanks for stopping in,


Mikie said…
Dear Pam, Shopping with you was great! Thanks for the story and photos. Mikie
what fun! sounds like you had a great time.

Happy Thanksgiving Pam!


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