The Past and Memories

Do you ever find yourself going through
old pictures and from there the memories
just start rolling in?
Yep, I do it every so often and it just
so happens that I did it just the other
I took this picture many, many years
ago, standing at the bottom of
the steps looking up to my grandmothers
porch. Even at a young age I loved the ivy
that was allowed to up and over.
I sat on that large porch a many times, gliding
on grandma's glider.
This next place was where my great grandmother
lived for as long as I can remember.
My great grandmother left us when I
was in the 9th grade. But I do remember
her as being so gentle and sweet.
Mom and I was in her hometown of Cedartown GA.
once, alittle over 20 yrs ago. We drove by great
grandma's house and I got out to take a pic.
My cousin was there in November of 2011. She took
this pic.
Love this pic. This is a 4 generation picture of
my grandmother, my mom, me and my daughter,
Amber. This was taken in spring of 1981.
We lost my grandmother later on when Amber
was around 6 years old.
Now back to Cedartown, this is the Big Spring.
As children my brothers, cousins and I
played in this water many times.
When I was in high school I painted that bridge for
my mom. It hung in the dining room for over
20 years. It came down shortly after me turning 40
when I took a paint class and found out that I could
actually paint very nicely. I painted my
first painting for me mom and it took the
place of the one that hung all those years.
But later on, I painted the bridge again.
And it hangs right in the living room for all
to see.
Thanks for stopping in and sharing my memories with me.
Come again,


I love old pictures and the memories they bring! And those generation pictures are priceless. Thanks so much for the comment about my old wood framed mirror!

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