Another Outing Today

Today my friend
Theresa and I headed out
to go to the ReStore in Nashville but apparently
I did not listen to the message correctly on the
recording....I did not hear them say they
were closed today!
Whoops! MLK day.
But we found a few things to get into.
Saw this as we were coming
off the interstate.
Just thought it was cute.
Since the ReStore was closed we went in
this antique store. I love to just
walk around looking. I see things
that I remember seeing at my Grandma's
and it brings a big smile.
I took this pic for my brother Mark.
He makes really neat things and I saw
this and thought of him.
Really cool lamp.

Another cool lamp. Amazing the
things you can make with other stuff.
This one made me laugh out loud. My
dad would take us fishing and when we
caught a fish, we could put them in a thing
like this and lay them over in the water so
they would not die.

Never would I have looked at that basket
and thought lamp.
Bottle....My mom has some old ones
like this. Another memory...when
I was young my mom and dad would
have a load of dirt dumped in the yard,
river bottom dirt. We would usually
find old bottles in it, some broken,
some whole...along with arrow
heads. Cool memories.
There was some really neat furniture and some
not so really neat.
I thought this was just UGLY!
Enough said.
Old set of wash tubs...these must be older
than the wringer ones. Looked like you
would heat water under one and wash the
soap out in the other...???
Then came lunch!
Now Theresa tells me that Arnolds is the
happening place. Soul food, been there
forever, and yet I have never heard of it.
The line was out the door of this little hole in the
wall but we decided to stay and eat there.
The line moved really fast.
As we moved up in the line I saw this
on the wall. Guy, the food guy has been
This is the first thing I eyed! Yummy....but more
topping than I care for so I went with
pecan pie instead. HOMEMADE.
My meal.....greens, taters and fried chicken,
rolls and pecan pie.
Best greens I ever ate. Seasoned perfectly!
How have I missed this place in all the years
I worked downtown?
Heading out the door from Arnolds I look up
at this site.
Laughing of course cause once
upon a time I wondered why the
birds line up facing the same way so I
looked it up and of course I
sent out an email to my friends as to why...
now I wonder how many folks look up
to see birds lined up and think of me??
they line up facing the wind, apparently it
makes it easier to take off plus it does
not ruffle their feathers while they
sit and visit with one another!
Thanks for stopping in,
Please return again,


Gail Wilson said…
great pics! I've never heard of those places.
Do you ever go to the Tennessee Antique Mall? Jamie has a booth there.
thanks for sharing the great pics.

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