The Thief

It is so hard keeping the birds fed at my house, the squirrels can clean out a feeder in no time at all. Yesterday I put a piece of bread and oranges out for the birds. But within 10 minutes this guy was at the feeder. I have to wonder, does he just sit in the tree watching for me to put something out or is his smell that good?

I managed to cracked the door open without causing him to run and was able to take these shots of him robbing the feeder. Very skilled thief I must say. After taking a few pics, I must have made a noise that he was able to hear, cause he took off down the deck rail, to the ground, across the creek and up the tree where he sat chewing on his bread.

I was in the kitchen cleaning and doing some things, I tried to keep an eye open for him to come back but he never did. I went off into the living room to clean and in just a few minutes time I went back to the kitchen, only to notice that the little thief had come back and robbed the feeder cleaned!

Poor birds, don't guess they got a thing.

Thank you for stopping in, please come again.


Gail Wilson said…
awww, a squirrel's gotta eat too! :)
have a great weekend Pam

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