You Light up My Life.....

I love roaming around in
antique and thrift stores and
seeing all the cool things
that people make lights
out of these days.
I pulled all these from PINTEREST.
I think this one would be cute in
a girls room.
How about the kitchen or the laundry room?

I have a couple of bird cage like things
I am planning on using in the garden
this year but you know,
this is cool looking.

A bushel basket. That is so cute.
Could even stain the wood the
color you would like.

Kitchen for sure. This one has the
added forks which I would leave
off I think.

Kind of like this...looks
better without the forks.

I really like this one.

And here they added more.

This is cute also, not lined up like the

I want this, only maybe one row
over my kitchen sink.

And if you have the space or
better yet a tall room this
would be amazing.

Also cute.

I see this in a formal dining room.
But other than that, I am not
really drawn to this one.

This would also be cute over the
kitchen sink.

Over the shed like this one appears
to be or wash room.

Old style kitchen with
antique appliances.

Same for this one.

How about a boys room or
a study....wait, who
actually has studies anymore?

This one...I love this one...I love
the old springs on this.

Different but there again not for

Also cool.

And there again, not for me!

Formal Dining Room?

The desk. Made from pipes from the hardware

Now that I shined the light on
different things that can be used
for lighting, will you be starting
a new project?
I really want the ball jars over the sink....
Thanks for stopping in,


Dee Lapin said…
Wow! They are all so different and cool. My favorite one is the globe.
Cheryl said…
So many fabulous ideas stored on Pinterest-- so little time to do most of them lol
big hugs,

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