House Sitting Part 3 - The Birds

I have covered the dogs,
the horses and
A bigger bird. Mouthy to say the least.
He was sitting on his cage in the
master bathroom.
And yes, my brother told me that
he was flying again and would
not have his wings clipped till
the next week.
TJ is usually really vocal, but being
back in the bathroom he was not.
And I loved it.

He stayed back there all day Saturday
till Saturday evening.
I had friend come out to hang on
the deck with me for awhile.
That is when MOUTH came
into the great room and started
being vocal.
LOUD screams!
And he got the other bird
all stirred up.
He sat on the top of her cage and
I really don't think she is fond
of him.
Opps, that is Dakota
my dog messing with Lola.
All of the bird pics are older pics
since I failed
to take any of the birds pictures
while I was there this last time.


Anyway....Lola was upset and TJ was enjoying.
I tried to get him to jump on my shoulder so that
I could take him back where he needed to be and
he was having NONE of that.
Why? He does NOT like me at all.
My friend Theresa got a strawberry he
jumped on her shoulder and let her
take him back....and
I missed that photo op for sure.
She was scared of him and he was
scared of me following with the
Sometime in the middle of the night
TJ decided to leave the master bath
again, waking me and all the dogs
in the process! Those
big wings make a world of noise.
Along with the rain pouring down, one big
dog sleeping on my feet and mine snuggled
up to me and the cat knocking over
the child gate while trying to
get in the great room!
Oh my.
Always and adventure!
Thanks for stopping in,


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