My Weekend House Sitting - Part 1

If you ever have read any of my earlier post
you will learn that I use to do a lot
of house sitting for my brother Ray.
They traveled a lot when my nephew raced
and then after that I would sit for family
I have to limit that to weekends now and
not through the week, working and
driving out there and dealing
a lot of time with fibro pain I
just can't do what I use to do.
I went out this past Saturday, early and stayed
the night till around noon on Sunday.
Here are a few of the buddies I had hanging
with me during my stay.
Maggie, the newest addition to the family.
Maggie was the only pet to a guy that
worked for my brother. He was in a accident
about a month ago and died, Maggie was taken
in by my sis in law. She is shy and
still adjusting.
The other dogs accept her with no problem
but she is somewhat intimidated by them.

Isn't she so pretty?
Now this one kept me laughing.
He would be the youngest of the bunch.
Still a puppy at 2.5 years old.
He loves the pond.

Guessing that is due to being a lab.

LOL....and being in the pond he loves to
stalk the fish.

This is MOOSE.
MOOSE is getting up there in age, he is the oldest
of the bunch.

Chloe would be next in line but she loves
to stay indoors. She did not venture out
to have her pic made at all!
But she is an older version of OAKLEY.
I loved catching this just by chance shot.

And then there was the visitor that
came with me, Dakota...
the littlest one for the weekend!
But as you can see, Oakley wants
to play and Dakota lets him have it!

Dakota when we returned home to our own
It's like he is saying, "Mom let's not do that again"!

And he is out for the count!

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