The Hermitage - Part 2

If you ever make it to Tennessee
you really need to stop in 
and visit The Hermitage. 
If you like touring old
historical homes then you 
will love this one. 

The below pic is from the 

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage Mansion Through the Trees hermitage press releases

Since we visited at night I 
was not able to get any good
pics of the outside. 

Pic below is of the backside
of the house. Both the front
and back have really long porches.

Image may contain: people sitting, night and indoor

HAHA...hard to believe I am a 
photographer with the blurry pics
I put on my blog that I take with my
cell phone.

Anyway, the blurry pic below
is the side of the house that
faces the garden and tomb.
Image may contain: night, tree, plant, house and outdoor

Here is the grave of the 
only non family member 
buried in the garden. This 
is the grave of Uncle
Alfred, a slave of Jackson's.
 He was born and raised
at the Hermitage and was 
a big help in later years
to Andrew Jackson. 

He was 96 years old when
 he past. 
When tours were started 
at The Hermitage,
Alfred conducted them. 

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

Family members - 
distant most
of them. The last was
 buried in 1976.

No photo description available.

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Image may contain: people standing, night and outdoor

The Tomb.
Facing the tomb as I was 
Andrew Jackson would be
laid to rest on the right.
Rachel to the left.

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor

Okay...that is all of 
the Hermitage....
well first let me tell 
a funny story~
When I worked at the
 Hermitage, in 
the gift shop, it was a 
small brick building.
That has been torn down
 now and a bigger
one was built. But the 
guards booth was
right outside of the gift shop.
 There was one
there during the day and 
a different one
at night. The night guard 
would have to 
walk the grounds during 
the night, clocking
in at different points. 

On the way to clock out 
this one evening,
I past the guard. I knew
 he was new and 
the woman I was walking 
with, my 
boyfriends mom stopped
 to talk to him.
He did inform us that it 
was his first 
night. Sammie and I
 proceeded to tell
him that Andy sometimes 
came back
at night to visit the place.
 We kept on 
and on about it as we
 talked. Not thinking
a lot about it. Later
 that night, the 
grounds man that lived
 on the grounds
behind the carriage 
house got a call, 
our guard was scared
 to death. He kept
hearing things. Pretty 
sure he heard
Andy laughing. OOPS....

The guard never came back. 

Moving on.....
I cleaned on the living room 
yesterday. I decided that I know
longer needed this stool, which I 
kept covered with a light weight
throw and this chair that I was given
for photo props but it was just
too big to drag around.

Out to the road it went.
I even covered it with a tarp 
last night. Uncovered this morning but
when I came home today it was still there,
GOODWILL got these two items. 

I should have known there was 
a name for this. Just never thought
much about it but I do know several
folks that can't have their food touching.

Image may contain: food and text

LOVE THIS....I don't have
an old antique tool box like this
but I could make one and 
bang it up to look old.
I love the way it is hung.

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Jeanie said…
I bet you were great at the Hermitage having once worked there -- you would be the guide! It looks like a fascinating place to visit. I love historical homes and this would be on my list.

That IS a great tool box!
I love historical homes. That looks pretty neat. And I know several people that would DIE three deaths if their food touched. I also know several that eat one food at a time on their plates. Each to their own that is for sure. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sandee said…
I would have loved to go on this tour. I love old homes and the history behind them.

I had to chuckle over the guard story. Poor kid.

I didn't know there was a name for that, but I know a person that can't have their food touching. It's interesting to watch them eat. I always want to say that all that food will be touching after you eat it, but I never do.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all your babes. ♥
Liz A. said…
You're talented with the ghost stories. Scared a poor guy out of a job...
Rain said…
Oh Pam, I love that towel hanger! It's so rustic and cozy!! The photos of the Hermitage are great, I LOVE the porches! When I was a kid, I had a fear of peas touching any other food, but it was mostly due to the fact that I hated the taste of them! :)
Have enjoyed your posts about The Hermitage, thank you.
… and I also learned something new today Brumotactillophobia is the fear of food touching.

Enjoy these last few October days.

All the best Jan
Christine said…
Spooky post for the season, perfect!
Ann said…
That house is truly amazing. Too funny about the guard.
I can't believe no one picked up that chair and stool.
Love the idea for the old toolbox.
Brian said…
That really is a seriously spooky cool place!
Betsy said…
I think the photo of the home makes it look a little eerie with the lighting. Perfect this time of year. I love visiting places like this. Need to do more. Like the graveyard shot.
Lady Locust said…
Poor guard and his visit from Andy:-)
That was such a lovely tour you had. I like the evening photos and I like the cemetery. I don't mind if my food touches however I had a grandfather who mixed his whole plate together because he said it all went to the same place!

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