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Yesterday I told you about 
my luck with the SUV. That
was written on Sat. but just
got around to posting on Friday. 

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So it was hauled in on Sat.
It was late and dude at the 
auto shop told me they would
look at it on Monday. However
they did not look at it till
Tuesday. Called and told me it
was the fuel pump. I told them
to fix it. However they did not
get to it on Tuesday. It was late
Wed. when they got it in to fix
it and had it ready. I told them I 
would pick it up Thursday cause
I had to find a ride there. Problem
was when they put the pump on 
it worked, stopped, worked, stopped.
They went over it for hours to find
a burnt wire. All fixed now and running
great. They went ahead and no charge
fixed my tire. It had a 3 inch screw
in it. 
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Worked a small wedding on Tuesday.
Vow renewal. Married 20 years but
when hubs was told he had leukemia
the bride wanted to do the renewal. 
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Home across the street. This home
was where Doris lived. Doris is the
woman that past away in March. 

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A friend of her son's bought it and
is redoing it. Men were working
there the other day and I asked
could I go in. That I grew up
playing in this house. WOW....
I remember that house having
big rooms but when I went in 
I realized that was the memory
of what the eyes of a child saw.
Those rooms were not at all

Here in the back yard
a tree has been removed.
Right behind those wood
chips was a swing set.
Dana and I would swing 
there and turn flips
over the bars like we
were in the circus.

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Back behind Doris house is
a stone wall. It actually travels
behind about four or five houses.
On the other side of that is 
the backyard of the houses on 
the other street. That wall has
been there since Doris and her
hubs moved there in 1965. We played
back there. 

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The guy up the street and I have
been trying to research the
hood. We found out that it 
was farm land belonging to 
the Sutton' s and the Hills. 
Before them I am not sure
who owned it or how far
back their family went. 
Of course, years and years
ago it belonged to Pres Andrew
Jackson. Best we can figure the
wall was probably put there 
by the farm families. 

I love how the families that have
come and gone here have let
the wall remain and they build their
fences back away so not to mess
with the rock. 

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I think next we will dive into
the Hills and the Sutton's to 
see what we can find. 

Interesting being able to look
back and stand in the same place
you did as a child. 

thanks for coming by,


Brian said…
I'm glad your SUV is feeling better now. That's pretty interesting neighborhood history.
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) That stone wall is really nice, good to know it was left as is! And I'm happy your SUV is running well! I love the bride's sneakers!
Rhodesia said…
Glad that you have your vehicle back and all is well. Take care Diane
Rain said…
Hey Pam, why don't you put the tree up permanently and just decorate it for the seasons? I've seen some really neat Halloween Trees on Pinterest!!! :)
Liz A. said…
Places sure do change when we look at them with adult eyes. It must be interesting to be back in that neighborhood.
Ann said…
Glad your vehicle is fixed and running again. That was nice of them to fix the tire for free.
Christine said…
Great that your car is all fixed whew! You make a good point about childhood memories.
Always different seeing places as an adult.

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