A Different Look

Trying to organize me life, or better
yet my home. I have decided I just
have way to much stuff, so with
that, I have not been crafting or
doing any photography.
Due to those reasons I am posting about a
pic I found on PINTEREST.
All my doors are white and I am going to do
Wow....what a difference!
These are done in black but I have decided
to do mine in a cocca brown. The reason
I decided that was because of this~
I had painted the cabinet white before I had the
new counter top put in, then I decided that
the white was just not going to get it!
But with a paint chip sample I was able
to see that the cocca brown would be the best.
To make life a bit easier, I decided that the same
dark brown would work on my doors.
More pics to come later.
Thanks for stopping in and
please come again,


I read that post...if it's the one I'm thinking...she painted them, only to have the paint peel off ???
I like the way those doors look, but I think I'll stay with white. :)
I have way too much stuff too...I PLAN (word of 2013) to do something about it!
Good luck to you Pam, we can cheer each other on through the purging!

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