Christmas in the Sand

About 9 or 10 years ago when I worked for the Printing Division for the State of Tennessee as a customer representative I decided it would be so neat to have a Zen Garden on my desk. This was not only for me to mess around in the sand on a stressful day but the customers coming in to have jobs printed seemed to enjoy it also.

My Zen Garden started out very simple, a cheap store bought one with a tray for the sand, really strange looking sand, actually more like powder, two racks and some rocks. It was very small also. This sat on the other side of my desk where the customers usually sat to work on their printing order with me. I guess I had it about a year when I changed jobs.

Still part of printing but I was now in the Photographic side of the business. I was the administrative secretary for Photo Services. In the office was myself and two photographers who were usually out with the Governor or another department doing photo work for them. But on my move up the hill to the other building my tray for my sandbox broke.

I looked and looked for the right thing to use for a new sandbox. I finally settled for a ceramic square dish that set in a basket. Looked classier then the other one anyway, and this time, I put in real sand. Only this time, things kind of evolved from a Zen Garden to just plain fun. I started to decorate the sandbox for holidays, certain events….etc. The first decorating was a picnic! I used Barbie's picnic set and set it up for a day out, this was done cause I was going on vacation!

From there it just kept going. I sailboat was put in the sand once with a palm tree behind it for the cruise that I was going to be on. It has been a hobo camp with a deck of handmade playing cards laid out on the rocks, a race car for when my nephew was racing, Halloween with a handmade tombstone, a red white and blue clown for the 4th of July…….but what got really funny was the photographers started picking up things while on vacation for the sandbox! The worst, a small remote control Hummer! Yeah, the youngest photographer had a blast with that one and I could not keep sand off my desk!

One of my favs is the Christmas sandbox. Santa relaxing with his feet in the sand, packages around him and him under a palm tree and lights in the tree! Maybe this should be Santa after Christmas!

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping in,


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