Christmas Eve and Family

Time with the family on Christmas eve was great. We use to it all at mom's but the family has sort of out grown mom's house so my nephew Chase and his wife Susan started having it at their house last year. Nice, lots of room to move about and we all bring a dish or two. This year we had a fantastic tasting Honey Baked Ham, cheese taters, mac and cheese, rolls, baked beans, pasta salad, green beans and desserts!

We started out by eating. Some of us in the dining room and the rest in the kitchen around the table and breakfast bar. And we chowed down, talked and chowed down more.

Family pic~
(left to right-back row) Lori (sis in law), Ray (brother), Jessica (niece), 
Sean (nephew), Cobi (nephew)
(left to right-front row) Me, Cole (great nephew), Kim (sis in law)
Mom, Holly (niece), Paige (niece), Susan (niece in law) and Chase

My youngest brother was not able to be there cause he was not feeling well at all. My daughter and the three boys were not there cause the two younger boys had been sick and the youngest was still coughing and carrying on a bit. And of course my son and daughter in law live in California.

                                        Cole playing with an iphone......

and he probably knows more about it then I do.

My niece Jessica.

Apparently she could not decide what
Christmas socks to wear.

My nephew Sean.

Niece in law,
She was very pleased with her
Dirty Santa gift.

The leg lamp from the movie
"Christmas Story".

Nephew Chase and Cole. Chase is
teaching Cole to use his camera.

Niece Holly.

My mom opening her surprise gift from
me and my brothers.

My oldest brother Ray.

That is my sis in law Lori who managed to
avoid my camera most of the time.
Cole playing with cardboard and 
just as happy as he can be. 

Nephew Cobi and a dart gun from Dirty Santa

Niece Paige

Cole with his first gift.

The dart gun was well wanted by all....
Ray ended up with it and this is what happened
when Chase bent over to plug up his lamp.

Darts to the side and a bow to the butt.

Whoops, Chase has the gun now....and he
is looking at me.
Don't do it Chase.

To late.....I hid behind Cole's stuffed bear and
jumped out to take this pic one handed.

My sis in law Kim went to candle light service at
the church and was later coming in, and I missed
getting a pic of her.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you for stopping in and please come again,


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