Paintings, Cups, Morning Glories

Pulled out my Halloween coffee
cups out the other day.

Then I was at the Dollar
store the other day and I 
picked up one with autumn 
leafs on it.

Here I am drinking coffee in
bed yesterday. The weather
turned cooler and I was 

Remember the cow...

The pig...

The rooster...

That I painted for my nieces
baby's room??

Here are the last two.

And horse. this at the dollar
store the other
day. I got it for the 
house but I took this
pic to send to my
brother before sitting time
is over....
going to send to my brother 
and tell him that this is TJ...
he would not stop squaking 
so I starved him!

Growing next to the porch 
at Ray's.
Yep...its a given, I have to have
a purple one next yr.

 Hi..its me!
Don't do selfies often but
 had to take this shot.
I had curls all over as
a babe. Then the better part
of my life it was STRAIGHT!

The last three to four yrs
things have been changing...
and check this NOT
STRAIGHT stuff out!

Oh my gosh in the 80s and 90s I
paid money for a look like
Crap...look at the chicken neck!

Rain, rain, rain here in Nashville 
the last two days....
they say till Thursday.
I am home right now.
Brought the furbabes home
to chill while I checked out
blogs, fb and pinterest..
(hate doing it on my phone 
and there is no Wifi at Ray's)....
Heading out in a bit to feed the horses
then back here to pick up the babes
again and off we will go
back to Ray's. 

Planning on painting tonight.
I did take my Christmas card
with me in hopes of
working on that. I have
rocks to paint and 
some boards.
Needing to get things moving.


Brian said…
Cute stuff but you had to mention Halloween, I blogged about that today too!
I do like your Halloween coffee cups, and that goat painting made me smile ... there's just something about it!

Love your selfie, thanks for sharing that.

My good wishes

All the best Jan
Ann said…
Your paintings are all great. THose will look cute in the baby's room. My hair has always been totally straight. Even if I tried to curl it, it wouldn't last for very long.
Sandee said…
I love all the farm animals and I love the new addition of the goat. He's a cutie pie. I'm going to link this post to Awww Mondays because of all the cute farm animals.

Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. 🖤
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, I really like that leaf cup from the Dollar Store. I'll have to check it out. Oh, that sweet little goat, and the white horse! Love white horses! You did an amazing job on these paintings. They will look darling in the baby's room. Your morning glories are so pretty, such a striking color. And a cute selfie of you. I hear of all the rain going on right now in different states, and it's hard to believe it's raining already. Have fun painting tonight.


ps....September is the start of Autumn in my area, so that's why I did a post on September. It's my favorite season of all too. And Yes, I live in northern California, but most everyone knows where La Jolla is cause it's a popular area. : )
Christine said…
Lovely paintings!
NanaDiana said…
What fun paintings for that baby's room. They are just plain fun. Your hair looks great. I have curly hair and straighten it. lol....I LOVE your curls. One day I just might go shorter and let it You are just a lovely lady. xo Diana
Liz A. said…
Quite the menagerie for the baby. Nice.
I love seeing your paintings, Pam. Your brother is going to laugh at the skeleton you left him---so funny. I think you look great Pam! We are our own worst critics. Have a great evening. ♥
Rhodesia said…
Love the selfie, I have always had very curly hair and in my teens, all I wanted was straight hair! Gosh, I am so glad now that I am older that it is curly!
Love your animal paintings so cute for a nursery.
have a good week and keep warm, Diane
Sandra said…
I love your hair, my son's haie was straight until he turned 17 and it started to wave then got to curly. a few years ago he got tired of the curs and has been shaved bald.. mine has been straight my whole life. I love all the paintings but the goat makes me feel happy when I look at him and you are soooo talented with painting.
Jeanie said…
Lots of good things. A little fall,a little late summer and wonderful paintings for your sweet niece! Love them all!
Your hair looks great! I love curly hair. Mine is straight as a board, unfortunately. I'm jealous. :-)

The paintings for your niece's baby look great. What a nice gift idea.
The paintings are great and we love the flowers especially the purple one.
Love your paintings. Girl, you are so talented. And you are cute as a button lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Pilar said…
Beautiful selfie Pam! You're paintings are always so lovely! You should have your own art exhibit!
Benita said…
Love the paintings!! You are so talented! I bought my first ever Halloween coffee cup the other day...and I don't drink coffee...LOL. But it will be great for hot chocolate, which I do love! I miss living in TN so much...can't wait until we can move back! Have a great one!

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