New Props and the Wedding - Bill and Becky

Check it out!!!

I shot a wedding yesterday for the 
bride and groom and got
to use my new prop.
After the wedding Julie, Emily
and I tried out the frame.

Perfect height for Julie and it
was for the bride and groom, 
however, it was hanging a tad 
high for us short folks.
Emily and I.
But the height was 
for the couple.
Becky and Bill.

The bride carried a pic
of her mom on 
her flowers.

They married May 28th.

Emily helping the groom.

The back of the dress.
The plan for the past month
was the couple were getting
married at the Reflection Pond...
the problem with outdoor
weddings and planning is 
the weather.
Yesterday was a rainy day
from the minute I got up.
It was pouring rain all
morning, and even on 
my drive to the venue. 

The bride and groom got
there and during the
getting ready phase, the
rain let up. 

We were able to do the 
wedding at the pond
and do pics.

At one point it started to
sprinkle a little.
But true to form, the venue
was prepared with umbrellas.

And just like that the rain
was over again.

Playing like she was falling
in the pond. 
This couple was so 
much fun.
See what I mean by 

The bride loved 
our signs and wanted
to pose with all of them.
My banner!
First time to use this also.
It was too wet to get out
to the trucks to take pics
so I decided to hang it 
in the hitching post.
The dance.

Took this after all was
said and done. Bride just happened
to stop in front of the 
mirror and I decided to 
use the view.
It was a great wedding and 
the couple was so much
fun. Everything went great. 




Christine said…
Beautiful shots!
They do look like a fun couple and so very happy too!
Ann said…
Great photos. Glad the rain let up enough to get through the ceremony
Darla M Sands said…
How sweet. I hope they keep laughing through thick and thin. That's our recipe for how to get through life's ups and downs. :) Bless them both and your darling crew.
Liz A. said…
Great pics.

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