THE WOMAN, and Game #2 All Stars

Many, many years ago I
had this stuck on 
my computer at work.

This was when I was at
the TBI. Cindy, my 
co worker left it there.
That was shortly before
I left that unit.
I brought it home and stuck
it on the corner of my
When that went out I finally 
removed the note. Yep, 
it stayed stuck there all
these yrs cause I left
MFC Unit in 2013.

Well, I had to post this on FB~
Cindy posted this comment:
I miss all the fun we had and the daily antics!
A bit later I noticed that my
old supervisior during that time
There is no telling what y’all got into that nobody 
else knows about😀

I then replied that it was our
secert..but all he had to do 
was listen for my laugh 

Doug then said:
Oh there were times I heard it and would smile 
and shake my head...but didn’t dare walk over. Ha.

HAHA....When I was leaving that unit 
and not by choice and not by
choice of my bosses Doug told
me that he would always smile
when he heard me bust out
laughing. He knew something had
taken place.

You know your employers trust
you when they don't question
things or say anything when
their is laughter. They know
the job is getting done but
with the work we did, we
needed that release.

Moving on~

game #2


(check out the dust flying from 
the glove).

Next ball coming in..

Braden got walked.

Here he is on

Time to run to 2nd.


Up and running again, 
right to 3rd.


At the end of that game
each boy signed  t-shirts.
One of the parents bought
shirts for each boys and 
all of their signatures 
went on each shirt.

That was nice.

Monday night, ALL STARS
game #3.
They lost.

There was sad boys but
I told Braden, they made
it to the All Stars, that
as great in itself.

No more games unless
he plays fall ball.



Brian said…
A good office crew is worth everything! Hey Braden, good job. That photo with the dust glove explosion was super cool.
Ann said…
It's always good to have fun people to work with. It makes the day go by so much quicker.
Way to go Braden.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm with Brian. ~grin~ Be well, my dear.
Sandee said…
When the office is getting the work done and they are having fun too it's a good thing. I so remember my class clowns and I let them be class clowns.

Braden did a great job going around those bases. Yes getting to the All Stars is a huge deal.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Red Rose Alley said…
That was awesome that Braden made it through all those bases. I really admire kids when they play baseball, cause I was never good at it. When I played Bobby Socks, I got most improved at the end of the season, but did not care for the sport and never played after. It sounds like you had a good time with the girls at work, even if it was a boring work day.

Go Braden!
Great pictures.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
Looks like a good game. Sorry they lost.
Hello from Idaho and stop in from "Law of Gravity" and my youngest son played little league when he was younger. Now he married and got to daughters.
If you have time stop in for a cup of coffee
Jeanie said…
I have a couple of affirming things from my work time long ago still on my desk, too. Good times, Mostly! I look forward to the day we go to the kids' ball games. First then need to learn how to hit!

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