Couple of EASY put together projects

Quick and simple....
You might have seen this in
one of the blogs about my yard but
I thought I would show you just
how simple these projects were.
Candle iron holder.
$2.99 at Goodwill
I actually thought I would
afix a dish in there for a birdfeeder,
but then another thought came to me.
Using the light part of a solar light from
the yard I used my E6000 glue and
attached that to the candle holder.
Hung on a shepards hook and
there you go.

a bird cage picked up at Goodwill for
less than 3.00 and all I did was
sat a pot of plants in it.
The ivy and creeping Jenny
has really grown and looks
so cute.

I love it.
Thanks for stopping in,


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