Wicked Painting / Post Card

A few years ago I read the book
I was totally not impressed.
Being a Wizard of Oz fan I
felt that it brought hate and darkness
to OZ.
But back a few months ago I attended
the play with my two sis in laws
and two of my nieces.
I loved it.
The play was different than the
Anyway my niece who is majoring
in Drama loves it and has
seen it several times.
I wanted to give her something
to hang in her new apartment at
college this fall....
The starting of Holly's painting.
The most of it. I have
more work to do but I think she
will love it.

Speaking of Holly I have to share this....

My talented, lovely niece brought me
this card back from Fla. I am a bigger
size woman so I had to laugh but
I had to mess with Holly.
I texted her and wanted to know what
she was saying by giving me that card.
She text back saying that she meant nothing
and she thought I would find it funny.
I then had to admit, I laughed my
rear off!
That girl is mess.
Love you Holly.
Thanks for stopping in,


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