This, That and the Other

 Caught this pic of momma deer on the
way to Chris' house the day.
I saw the baby also but did not
get a pic.
Isn't it late in the year for fawns
to still have their spots?
The baby did.
Love what East Nashville has done with
this area at the corner of Riverside
and McGavock.
Cool little places to eat and shop.

Sat I worked on Christmas ornaments. Yes, I
know it is still 5 months till Christmas...
What only 5 months, I really need to get busy!

Went to Cato's Sat....
Got a couple of bohemian hippie
type skirts. Love them...
The red one was marked down from
24.99 to 11.99 the teal one was
24.99 marked to 17.99.

More clothes! Yay...
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