Monday thur Wednesday

I live with pain daily....
I have Fibromyalgia.
Right now my everyday pain
is under control and I am not flaring...
But to help with that I started wearing
Hermite (gem stone) on my ankle at the
first of May. The other night I purchased
these to items, in hopes that it will
help to combat pain also.
a healing stone for pain

Check this out...July
has been usual with the temps.
Amazing morning.

But even though the temps were so
nice when I stepped out the morning had
already gotten off on a wrong foot.
I was running late.
Then as I was coming down the porch
steps something landed on me.
I thought it was a spider at first
and I started dancing and moving..
It was not a spider, it was
one of these.

A Yellow Jacket.
And yes, he got me.
Right above the heart.
The worry was that I had never been
stung by one so I was not sure
if I was allergic or not, I am
allergic to everything else.
But I got it the car and headed to work,
I am still breathing so I am not allergic!
Ignore the flaking skin from the sunburn I got.

When I got the Yellow Jacket to let go of my
shirt I looked up and saw this~
And all I could think of was they were
laughing their butts off at me.
Watching me do the dance trying to
get the Yellow Jacket off me.
While they looked on I am sure they
were remembering stories that
were handed down from generation
to generation about another dance
I did involving one of their long
distance relatives....
Right Mark?
I will leave that story for another time!
The reddness of the sting is gone but
now there is a puss looking spot where
the Yellow Jacket got me.
Anyway, I made it to work after stopping
to get some of this at Walgreens....
And now I sat at my desk trying to stay awake.
I will be glad when this day is over.
Thanks for stopping in,


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