Health Part 3

I am back......

So I left you off at what illness' and issues can come just
from having sleep apnea. Keep in mind that these issues
are things I have ran across......okay, that I developed
from having sleep apnea. Whenever something would
come up with me or my body that did not makes sense,
that hung around or really became a pain, I pulled it up
on the internet. I have been totally amazed at what you
can develope from just not sleeping, or your breathe
being cut off when you do sleep.

I also want to state that although these are things I have
learned as I have lived with my sleep issue, my sleep
is under control. I was told that with my snoring issue
as a teen and later into adulthood, it appears that I have
had sleep apnea since I was child. Oh yay, how much
fun has this been.

Even though my sleep is under control with the aid
of a CPAP machine, I have to admit that I don't use
it when taking naps, and the fact that the damage had
been done. Years of sleeping or shall we say not sleeping
due to my sleep apnea caused issues to start forming that
I was not aware of, issues that could not be reversed.

Sleep apnea can cause a lot of issues, issues that eat
at your system and you have no clue. Like I said, mine
started really young and since the damage had been done,
there was no correcting it. SInce I found out I had the
obstructive sleep apnea, my health has gone down hill....
and what seems like a fast pace to me.

First off, the migraines. They were what tipped off
the nuro doc. I had battled them since I was in my
early 30's. Before I was told they were migrains and
before I was told they were caused from sleep, I went for
1.5 years with a daily headache. One a scale of 1-10 most
days were on the low scale, others were mid then there
were the major 10's. That is when I finally broke down and
talked to the doc to find out they were migraines. I thought
it was just allergies.

Next, I know people wonder why I don't try to lose
weight, I have but with sleep apnea you have no get up
and go. You have no energy. You think you are sleeping
fine all night and wake feeling like you have not slept
a wink. Even on a CPAP machine, your energy does not
come right back, so no energy, no exercise, weight gain. The
more you gain the more it plays with the sleep, and the higher
your number on your machine will go up. I have fought the battle
of weight since I had my first child. The sleep got off, the weight
went up, and on and on and on. So I have been fighting for yrs to
lose only to watch the weight go up.

Third came the pain. The pain all over. The achy, throbbing,
deep pain. I thought it was due to the weight gain so I wrote it
off, just like I did the headaches. One day seeing the sleep doc
I mentioned it. He walked behind me, laid his hands on my shoulder
and I about shot up off the table. He pointed out a couple of more
areas asking me if they were sore. He then told me that I had fibromyalgia.
Told me that it was caused from my muscles not getting enough oxygen
cause my breathing was being cut off. He seemed to think that it
would go away once we got the number changed on my machine
changed. LOL.....nope, that did not happen. I have fibro and it hurts.

I started feeling the pain in 2006, saw the sleep doc in 2008 when I
was told this, the machine change made no impact, but I did not
want to fight this with meds. I hurt, and hurt and it got worse and
worse. My son's wedding was coming up in May 2011 and I was flying
to Calif. to be there and to photograph their wedding. I finally broke down
and talked with my doc. She put me on Cymbalta which started to work
right away. Since then, we have had to take it from 30mg to 60mg. March and
May of 2012 put me down for up to 5 weeks. Not really down, but in terrible
pain so up the meds went. That was in August and I have just now starting
to ache some, here and there. Not really sure where we go if the 60mg stops

Next blog I will continue to tell you more.

Thanks for stopping in,


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