Prom Shoot - Chelsea and Josephine

Last year I photographed Chelsea for her prom. We did those shots at the lake below the house. We also did extra pics of her, her date and her family plus a friend and her date.

This year I was honored when I was asked to do her prom pics again. Chelsea mentioned to me that she wanted to do her shots this year around a barn. So glad that she mentioned that cause a barn I could give her.

My brother has a nice barn on his property and thankfully he has told me I can do any shoots I need to out there. Thanks Ray so much, it is an awesome place to shoot.

I photographed Chelsea this year with her friend Josephine and Josephine's boyfriend. Two shoots combined into one, works great. The barn was a great setting for those pretty dresses. Thank goodness it had not rained the day before that would not have worked out to well. It was a beautiful sunny day and the girls looked great.

This is Josephine's date

And this is the lovely Chelsea

Meet Josephine

The silly shot

The girls

The group

This fall I will be shooting Chelsea's
senior pics.

Thanks for stopping in and
please come again,


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