The Last High School Play

I knew that when I took Holly's prom pics a couple of weeks ago that the time would fly by and before she knew it, high school would be over. Friday night she performed in her next to the last high school play, and Saturday night, the one I attended, was the last.

In the fall her school, Donelson Christian puts on a Drama but in the spring they put on a musical. The musical this year was Fiddler on the Roof. As always, DCA put on a fantastic show. The students do an amazing job. The acting, the singing, the stage props, the back stage workers……all amazing! Holly's part this last play was Golde, the leading female part! The leading guy and Holly did a great job together. They even shared a bed in the dream part of the play! Something I don't think I will let Holly forget!

My sis in law, Lori could not make it, her and my brother Ray were really sick. But Chase (nephew), his wife Susan and my great nephew Cole were there, along with Lori's mom and dad who drove in from Franklin NC to see the play, Holly's mom and Dad, my mother, my grandson and I all attended. I know that has to mean the world to Holly.

You can't video tape these performances due to copy right and you can't take flash photography. I took the camera anyway cause I figured I would get some after shots of the play. I did not take the tripod due to limited space for no flash photography. But yes, I got some shots after the play.

At the end of final play they award the teachers with flowers and a gift card, as the performers came on stage to bow, I saw the tears on Holly's face. This was it. After the flowers and cards are given the performers make their way off stage. The best pic was Holly going to the end of the stage with my mom standing there to give her roses, and Holly in tears. Drama has been a major part of the last 4 years of her life, going to be a big difference.

Anyway, enjoy the pics. I have enjoyed each and every play she has been in. I even enjoyed a copy with just her and I before she was in drama. I am also going to miss this part of Holly's life. Thank you sweetie for the laughs you have given me, not only through your plays but in your life. I love you and I bless you on the next adventure coming in your life – Knoxville!

This is a pic of a poster hanging in the lobby.

The bio of Holly

Signed by the students

Another pic of a poster...
the dream scene.
Love Holly's face.

The play has ended. Flower time.

Trying to smile while trying not to cry

Flowers handed out...

Holly headed straight to her Granny,
tearing up again

Grabbing my mom and holding on

Friend Alexis and stage buddy consoling
Holly, but this is what I get when she
sees the camera....gotta love
that girl.

Thank you for stopping in,
Come again,


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