DCA Banquet - Holly

Where do I begin? Shall I begin with Holly as a baby? As a small child or just start with the other night when she attended her Senior Banquet?

Yes, maybe that is the best place to start.

April 13, 2013, she is all grown, looks like woman which I am sure was hard on my brother and Holly's mom. Beautiful, no other way to say it. I first saw her ready for her Banquet at Gaylord Opryland Hotel where her and some other girls were coming for me to photograph them. They were all just stunning, but for now I want to just make this blog about Holly, my niece.

She appeared in a black and white dress, make up done and that fantastic smile of hers. She has so much going for her but I am not sure she knows that yet. All though Holly appears very self-confident, she is nervous, just like every time she steps on stage at school for a play, and every time, it all comes out perfect!

All the girls~ These beautiful ladies did not have dates for the banquet, but that is ok, cause they all have something special that the right guy will one day find. I am sure they had a blast!

And this is Holly.....

This is at Senior Walk.
Holly and a friend that she has
known since they were little toddlers.
This is Scott Hickman escourting Holly.

Holly's flowers.

Okay, got through that without crying.
Thanks for stopping in and please come


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