Deck Verses Not Deck Time, End Tables, and Class Reunion

 Tuesday morning I started coffee
on the deck,
however, it was a tad cooler
than I prefer, so Lily and I came
in.  Lily and I curled up, with 
a throw, laptop and TV.
Don't we look so comfy?

The past few days have been easy on
me, after my time fighting the ivy vines. 
Day after that, I washed up some dishes,
and hung out on the deck for a bit.
Dude came and cut the yard, so I did have
to get out and pick up some limbs
and branches I was planning on 
getting done. I was to worn out
after the ivy, I planned on doing
it the next day anyway, but was going
to wait till later cause I thought
that Dude would come later in the week.
I was wrong, heard the mower start
which made me have to run out
and do it, barefooted, which was
not a good idea, I was on the back
of the fenced yard where pinecones and
needles are. OUCH.....I stepped
on a pinecone and bruised the bottom 
of my foot.

Anyway, yard looks good. 
Next day, I got some laundry
done. some clothes hung up,
Floors vac'd. Living room cleaned
up. Litter boxes emptied and scrubbed.
A few Hosta and some Vinca Vine
dug up. Headed to Ray's, older
brother. He had text earlier wanting
to know if I had Hosta. So, I delivered
him some along with Hummingbird Vine,
and Four O'clock seeds. 

Although, I don't care to do 
Wally World runs anymore. 
I needed somethings. Since I was going
to be at Ray's, near the good Wally World,
I went there. 
they are redoing and moving things
at that store and the pharmacy type
things I needed were not out any longer.
That meant I had to go to the one
I don't like by my house.
I did get the things I needed. 
Only I was tired when I got in but
I got a few more things done than
the day before.

Weeks ago, before I even painted
on Felicity's toy box I 
decided to try something.
I spray painted two of my
crates, and set them up for 
an end table. 

I am really liking this so much
better than what I had.

When I moved I got rid of the 
end tables I used and I have just been
trying to get something that is me, that
I like to work for me. 
Since I am liking this so well, 
I have two more to paint
and set up the same way for the 
other side.

I have this sitting on a table
that belonged to my granny,
and I redone before I moved in. 

I just love these colors and 
the pearls make it rock.

If you were following back in 2018,
you might remember that I worked
at tracking down old classmates
for an upcoming 
That was our 40th. 

At that time the class reps mentioned
that as we are all aging and losing classmates 
we prob did not need to wait ten years 
between reunions. 

With that being said, I have a DuPont
class of 1978, meeting for our
45th reunion this July.


 I never attended reunions at the 
beginning, they were having them every
5 yrs at that point. 
I waited until the 25th before I went. 
By that time they were every ten yrs.,
plus I figured that most the women were
looking older, maybe gained weight and the
guys were losing their hair. I did not feel like
I would be compared to anyone else.

After that, I did not attend another one.
No, I was not a class rep so it did not look
bad that I did not attend.
But I was called upon to help plan the 
40th, I was retired and had time. 
Apparently, that got me a ticket for 
helping with the 45th. 

Thanks for stopping in,


Marie Smith said…
Great job on the new end table. A great idea, so creative.
Debbie said…
i too have been trying to sit outside since it has been so sunny, but most days, it is just still a little too cold. the crates look great and make an awesome side table!!

the decorating/redoing of the rooms i am working on is a slow go. i am not going to post any further pictures until it is done!!
Darla M Sands said…
Nice job on those crates! Enjoy your reunion prep. :D And stop going outdoors barefoot. ~shakes finger~ Of course, I don't even go without shoes indoors (!) unless respecting the floors of someone I'm visiting.
Liz A. said…
Have you considered getting a fabric bin for maybe the bottom crate? That would give you storage. I think the top one looks good open. Just a thought.
Ann said…
Nice idea with the crates.
I went to the first two class reunions and haven't been to one since.
Brian said…
The deck time does look like fun though, even when it's cool. I've not been to a reunion in a long, long time and since it's quite the long drive I'm not likely to go.
Christine said…
The years go by so fast!
Barwitzki said…
Class reunion...great.
Yesterday I got an invitation to my class reunion... we will be together at Pillnitz Castle in September.
I look forward to it :-)))
Sally said…
You, my friend, is there anything you can't do? I love the end table!

Class reunion? You know how long it's been since I graduated? SIXTY THREE years. And, no I won't go to another one mostly because I don't drive at night anymore.

It's fun to catch up with you and glad to hear you're being able right now to get things done.

Jeanette said…
You are so clever! I love the end tables and the pearls on the vase of flowers is so pretty!
Bill said…
Time does fly by, I've never been to a class reunion even though they are every 10 years. I like your new end tables, very creative idea. Have a wonderful week.

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