Lamp From the Past

When I was growing up there use
to be two of these lamps in our home.


Now mind you, I really did not think they were
all that pretty as I growing up. But as a young
girl I used the prism's like earrings.
No, I did not put them through my
actual pierced holes but I did hang
them from the inside of my ears.
Boy, I really thought I was cool!

Also, when I was a young girl, a teen or
even in my 20's and 30's I never thought
I would like antiques or old things.
As I aged, my taste did also.
I love the older stuff now.

That includes the lamps.
Actually I would say I was down to
only one since the shade of one got

This shade is a paper like type shade.
Hard to replace...but even
harder now that you can't find the ones
that fit over the bulb since all our
bulbs are changing.

I have this one sitting in my living room by
the TV., mom gave both lamps
to me when I asked whatever happened
to them.

Mom bought these years ago before
I was born, 53 years ago. She got
them at an antique store in Elgin, Illinois.

Whoops...I think I need to dust
the rim of this baby! Play like
you did not see that.
It's the prisms I want you to see..
Aren't they pretty?
Make great earrings, don't you think?

Yes, I noticed one is broken but never fear
mom also gave me a box of those that
she picked up at a yard sale for a little of

These lamps are part of the things my
mom and dad started house with, I
will cherish them.

Thanks for stopping in,


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