Tomato (Mater) Sandwich

When I was growing up here in Tennessee
we ate
grilled cheese sandwiches
and PBJ.
But not a tomato sandwich.
I was introduced to those when visiting
my cousin in Georgia.
My cousin Kathy brought them
into my life.
Thanks Kathy.
Course you start them out just like
an sandwich, with bread.
Then you add mayo.
And of course a mater is not a good mater
if you don't add salt and pepper.

But I have recently improved even that
taste by adding Basil.
Tomato and Basil....
great taste.

It's simple, it's good and it makes
for a nice sandwich.
The Basil really helps.
Maybe to add to it a little mozzarella cheese...
sounding good.

Thanks for stopping in,
Come again soon.


Rebecca said…
Best with tomatoes from the garden! And some lettuce and bacon :)
Brandi said…
There are very few things that I enjoy more than a simple tomato sandwich. My mom used to eat them all the time when I was a kid. Now I enjoy them and my kids wonder why the heck there's no meat on my sandwich! LOL!!

Thank you kindly for stopping by my blog.

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