My Favorite Movie

One of my favorite movies……wait, my FAVORITE movie of all times is. The Wizard of Oz. I was drawn to that movie as a child and it has remained my fav since then.

I remember when it came on once a year, course that was before cable. It was the one TV event I waited for all year. I also remember when it was a 2 night movie. Laying in front of the console TV on your tummy and if you wanted to turn it up or down you had to get up to do it cause there was no such thing as a remote control! You all know what I am talking about. Yes, that was the time of year I waited for, it was the movie of all times to me.

Over the years my love for that movie has not changed. I remember when my ex and I got our first VCR, my daughter Amber was a little girl. She had seen the movie, once a year just like her mom. But when we got that VCR and had to go to the movie store to pick out movies to watch, it seemed she always wanted that movie. Time and time again, I sat with her to watch it. But finally I had to put my foot down, it was a classic, a once a year type movie, I was afraid it would be spoiled if I continued to watch it so often.

I taught Amber to see the magic in the movie, than I had a son. I brought him up on that movie also. Both of them like it today, but I think Cory likes it the most. I introduced my nephew Chase, and my nieces Paige and Holly to it. Holly saw the magic and the fantasy of the movie and fell in love with it also. Chase called me about a year ago to see if I was watching it, it was being shown on cable and he was introducing my great nephew Cole to it! Not to mention that I introduced my grandson, Caleb to it….I love it…..


Holly is an actress with a passion and once when she was in New York she saw Wicked, the play. I borrowed the book from her mom, Kim and read it. I was not at all pleased. It seemed to have lost all the magic and the fantasy when telling about how the Wicked Witch became how she was. But about 8 months ago I heard that there was a new movie coming out, Oz, The Great and Powerful. I watched the trailer and I was hooked. I called Holly (who is now 17) and told her about it. Her and I decided that on March 8th, when it came out, we would be there to see it, together. That did not work the way we planned cause Holly had to be out of town with school when it opened. But……we will be seeing it tomorrow afternoon.

Now what is funny about this is, my son Cory beat me to it. He saw it last week, but that is ok, I know the magic is still there for him. He has done really well with only telling me that it was good and not telling me about the movie itself.

I know it will be different than the Wizard of Oz, TV has changed in 70 something years! But it still looks great and I can't wait.


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I too remember watching it once a year. :)
We have a funny story around here. When jamie visits, her dad will always call to tell us what is on t.v. Usually it's the Wizard of OZ. So, now when she's here, and the phone rings, we all say "the Wizard of OZ must be on". LOL It doesn't quite hold the magic for me, but I totally understand how special it is for you. :)
enjoy the new movie!

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