Stuffed and Stacked Pumpkins

 I think I mentioned
some time ago that
I was making pumpkins.

I finally got some of 
them put together.

Still have a few more
to stack and decorate.

I have a wooden dowel
in the center then each
pumpkin is also hot glued

Which on do  you like the 



Christine said…
Hard to choose maybe the last one
Marie Smith said…
I love all of them but the first maybe a teeny bit more.
Brian said…
Those are all pretty but I do like the one with the sunflower!
Red Rose Alley said…
I like the last one, it's so Fall looking. Love the orange leaves attached to it, and the furry pom poms. You have a talent making these stacked pumpkins, Pam. What a fun project. I saw some orange pumpkins at the grocery store this weekend, but didn't get any. Will have to go back and get one. : )

Liz A. said…
On first perusal, I like the second one the best. But they're all nice.
Ann said…
It's hard to choose, they all look great.
I been seeing quite a few of those cloth pumpkin made out of fabric. I should sometime give it try, not like I'm lacking on fabrics.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Darla M Sands said…
I think the final one is my favorite, between the fall leaves and simple fabrics. :) You're so talented, my dear.
Jeanie said…
I like the neutrals at the top best.

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