Dinner, Project and Hummingbird Vine

Do you ever feel like
everything that can go wrong
will go wrong....
all at the same time?

That is how I am feeling
right now.  I have to take
my SUV in early morn on 
Monday. The battery was not
all the issue so now it has
to be checked out to 
see what is up...

Then I work Saturday 
morning and realized that
although air was blowing
from my air conditioner in 
the house, it was not cool.

Stepped out on the deck and 
realized the unit was not
running. I went to the breaker
and pulled the fuses, plugged 
them back up and it started 
running, but still was not
blowing cool air.
150.00 bucks later...
I have air. 

I then decided to cook.
I made a chicken casserole
that my granny and my mom
used to make.

2 cups boiled chicken
1/2 cup mayo
1/2 cup milk
1/2 celery
can of cream of chicken soup
salt and pepper.
Top with potato chips
and bake at 350 for
20 mins. 
Here is yet one more
project I made.
The center is chalkboard 
peel and stick. 

Check out my monkey

And my Cypress Vine
AKA Hummingbird Vine.
I plant in a pot to keep it
from spreading wildly.

It grows up a trellis in the pot
(hidden from the vine).

In the pic below, the vine
is reaching out to the 
fence gate. 
It has gone wild.

The hummingbirds love
Next yr I think I will move
the pot down some so that
maybe it will not take the gate
I have saved a lot of 
seeds from it again this yr.

I planted a lot of zinnia seeds
that I harvested from plants
last yr. However, they just did
not do anything. I have only
had a few that came up.

But I clipped some and 
brought them in the house.

I love fresh flowers in the house.
I usually have them through the 
summer from my garden 
and in the winter I buy them
off and on. However, with 
Misty, I felt it best to not
have them around till she
is a tad older. 



Marie Smith said…
That vine has a mind of its own. Wow.

Isn’t it always the same? We find when things go wrong, they happen in threes. If we have four things go wrong, we wait for two more…
Liz A. said…
Sorry about all the things breaking down. After my car, we had a leaky sink, a microwave go blooey (it was a loud pop as it died), and a leak in the bathroom. My roommate's car just broke. And it's been one thing after another.

On the bright side, once the things get fixed, it should all be smooth sailing. Fingers crossed you're done with the breakies.
Christine said…
Love the monkey grass.
Brian said…
Yes, always check the plants that are poison to cats list before bringing anything in the house, it's a long list.
Ann said…
I've been there before where everything goes wrong at once. Not fun. Hope everything is fixed and running smoothly for you soon.
So what do you do with the hummingbird vine in the winter? Does it die off and it has to be replanted the next year?
Sandee said…
Sorry about your air conditioner bill, but it's worth it to be cool.

I love the casserole. Sounds so good.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥

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