An Actress In the Family

My niece Holly....

I have written entries in this blog about Holly
and her acting before, this is just one more added addition.

Isn't she just so pretty!???

Holly is entering her freshman year of school.

This “little” girl is growing up all so fast!

Holly has also entertained us at family events, around the house, and also in a local community play. But the biggies come from the school events. For two summers she has been a part of the schools summer drama camp. This is a week long camp that takes any student from the school that wishes to be a part, lets them try out for a place in the play and at the end of that week of hard practicing and work, they put of a play.

I was blown away with the first one I attended, Annie. Most of these kids had never been a part of anything like that before but each and every one of them did the most awesome and amazing job. They took what they signed up to do seriously and to heart, giving it their all. With the help of some really great parents the stage is put together from building, to painting, hanging curtains to moving things around. My brother being one of these parents that jumps right in and gives his all. I know they love him!

singing her heart out!
As normal….I jumped off the subject with where I was going! Anyway, Holly was Ms. Hannigan in Annie, and a better Ms. Hannigan they could not have had. The expressions that she pulled off with each line, each part of the play, had me laughing and in stitches in my seat! That is when I was sure a star was born.
What a frown!
The expressions she has! AwesomeThe next summer camp that Holly took place in

was the next year where she tried out
for Alice in Alice and Wonderland.
She jumps right in there and goes for
the lead parts!
Go girl….and yes, she
was Alice that year. She rocked that part also.

Alice pouting.

Alice singing.
At Holly’s school you can not be a drama student
in the actual drama class until you are a freshman.
You can do that summer
drama camps and that is what Holly has done.
This year, entering as a
freshman, she will also be entering the drama
class for the first time. Last
week, try outs for the fall play took place………..

The fall play will be the Mouse Trap this year. There
are two leading parts in this play. Beating out two seniors,
Holly took one of those leading parts! For a freshman
entering the drama class over
students that have been in this class for
several years…that is fantastic!
YIPPEE girl!!! Your aunt Pam is so proud of you.

I will not be at all surprised to see your name in
lights one day!


Anonymous said…
OMG she is a stich! Too funny... Way to go...hmmm leading rolls...that is just wonderful Holly! And a STAR is born! I so enjoyed reading this post Pam...I felt like we were in the same room just laughing at Holly's antics in the 'Theater'... Thanks for sharing. All the best to you Holly..

Nancy M; Ohio

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