This post is for my friend Pam D and fellow blogger

Pam and I go back to elementary school, 2nd
grade actually, and that would be right around 42
years. Now we were not best friends, go each
other's house friends and then there was the years
after high school till just recently that we had no
contact.....but I consider her my friend. Our
high school, which no longer exist as a senior high,
has its own website. It has to be one of the best high
school websites I have ran across. Pam and reconnected
through this site a couple of years ago and then she got
me into this blogging thing...thanks Pam, I do enjoy it.

Anyway, from the past to the future. Pam and I share
the school website, the blogging, facebook and emails.
She is well aware of my battle this past winter with
squirrels in my attic. To go along with the RODENTS that
moved into my attic, they partied at night, right above my
head while I tried to sleep. Now, that is bad enough, but I
suffer from sleep apnea which makes that a double slam to
my sleep issues. Then there was the removal of the critters
and the freak'n cost to remove them.

It was a down hill slide with these things. Nights of no sleep or
a restless sleep with the dog and I on the couch. The $900.00
something dollars it cost me right after Christmas to have them
trapped and removed. I guess that was cheaper then me buying
a shotgun and shotting up through the ceiling in my bedroom and
then having to repair all that! On top of the removal, there was the
spraying of the attic to kill the body oils, any after birth (if any) to
avoid any other critters from moving in, having the hole they chewed
in the eve of the house covered up till I could have it fixed and the
trimming of trees. With this cost I learned so fast to develop a lasting
HATE for these freak'n critters/rodents.

Recently I have had to put of more money to have the hole actually
repaired. It was covered with a piece of metal flashing till recently.
That was another cost. Freak'n rodents.........

Anyway, Pam kids me about my dislike for these critters and I am
sure she gets a laugh or two when I mention that my car aims for
them.....but the reason why this blog is donated to her is because I
needed to share that I have a new rodent that is on my list now.

This morning while looking in my pantry and pulling a breakfast
bar out of the box I realized I have a freak'n mouse! CRAP!
You know, squirrels and mice are closely related......
Anyway, Pam I am on a new adventure now, I have not had
a mouse in this house EVER, and I have lived here for 16 years.
So, this is the first time in a lot of years I have had to deal with
these nasty, sneaky, little rodents......but, the decon has been
put out. Hopefully this adventure will not cost me near as much
as the squirrels.

Theres my blog to you Pam....enjoy the laugh I hear coming
up from the Georgia way!


Since then I have had to re


Pam D said…
Oh no! Mickey ... don't hurt Mickey! Hee! I'm just kiddin'; I'm not a mouse fan, either. Though I did catch a baby one in the basement for the boy last spring, and he did take it in to school, and it did get loose. And he did catch it again, in front of his whole class, and have his "glory moment". But no, I wouldn't wish mice on you. Or squirrels in the attic; I just kid you because your aunt started it first. And yes, you're my friend, too.. thank you for the entire post dedicated to me... and rodents. It's comforting to think that we go together, like an RC cola and a moon pie. Nice. ;<)
I feel your pain. I could hardly read this post because I have such a phobia of those nasty little critters (mice). We had a "situation" last year and it about killed me! Good luckwith yours.


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