Trash to Treasure/Second Time Around Tuesday

This iron yard art that sets under my tree in
my front yard was a trash find. My brother found
this one years ago while walking through is
neighborhood the evening before trash pick up day.
Mark is a recycling person and he just could not
leave this to go to the landfill. He collects metal
a lot of times and then takes it down to the locate
recycling place when he has a truck load. I am sure
he thought this piece would also make it to the back
of the truck but for some reason it ended up at my
Mother's yard sale. I took a liking to it for its strange
shape and cause it was just different, so I ended up with it.
One mans trash, became a yard art treasure for me.

This plant holder was one of my Goodwill finds.
I gave $1.00 for it. I was not sure at the time if I would
keep it or do something else with it but as soon as I
got out of the car with it, it was set on my porch steps and
there is where it has remained. Just adds a little extra to
my steps with a plant sitting in it during the summer months.

Now this one was a great bargain! Free....I so love FREE!
This was in a tree at a friends house. She had moved in
to the house not long before that. We were out front
talking about plants when I looked up into this tree
beside the porch and asked what was in there, it was
well hidden by branches and leaves. She reached up and
pulled this out. Then handed it to me asking me did I
want it. She knows I have birdhouses on my porch and
in my tree's so this was great.
This FREE item (did I tell you that I love FREE?) sits
on a wire type bakers rack on my porch along with
some plants and some other birdhouses. I adds a
welcoming effect when you step onto the porch.

Thanks Theresa for my birdhouse...looks great with my
new paint job on the house!
Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
You are just so stinkin' creative! How did I not know that about you in high school?
Jane said…
Your so lucky to have a treasure hunting brother! Cool finds!
Unknown said…
Love the metal works! I am a lover of wrought iron too. Thanks for linking up to Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

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