Friends-The Ones Who Touch Your Life

You know, people come and go through
your life daily, some to stay, and some
just to touch you in one way or another
then to move on. Others just pass by and
you may or may not even notice them.

In my 49 years I have met more people
then I could even begin to remember.
Some of those might have left a memory
in my mind that will pop up from time to
time and others might have stayed a last
memory. Others might have remained in
my life to become long times friends.

I have some friends that are just that, long
time friends. Ones that have been in my
heart and in my life for what seems like
forever. Some that I might not see but once
a year (Julie) and others that I see once a
week (Debbie), the ones that live in the
neighbor behind me and I see from time
to time (Barb)….but with each one of these
long time friends, I know in my heart, if I
needed them, they would be there.

Barb and I go back a long time. I was around
12 when her and I started to hang out together.
She lived down the street and around the
corner. Came from a bigger family then I,
there was five of them where there was only
three of us kids in my family. Each one of
them had a name that started with a “B”.

Barb and I remain friends to this day. I have
been a part of her life, her wedding, the birth
and life of her kids, family events, and her
and her hubby Phil have been there many
times for me, no question’s asked! Just there
…….37 years and true friends!

Debbie and I have been friends since the day
we met living next door to each other one
Halloween about 28 years ago. We have
shared ups and downs together, we have
shared dreams and nightmares. We have
watched our kids and now our grandkids grow
as well as being there when we have lost a loved
one. This also is a friend I know I can always
count on no matter the mood I am in, she will
be there, and has been more then once. I only
hope I have been able to do that for her also.

Debbie is the type of friend that allows me to be
me. She may not agree with me on everything,
she may not agree with my choices, but she will
support me cause they are my choices. I remember
once many years ago that Debbie once told me that
she valued our friendship because I did not tell her
what to do, what choice to make, I did point out the
if, and's and buts about each pro and con of an issue
so she could see both areas. I have carried that with
me and remembered that all these years.
Thanks Debbie.

Julie, the lovely and talented woman. Julie
and I met in high school, 7th grade, so
very long ago! Julie loves to tell the story
of why she hand picked me as her friend,
because the school we went to was a rough
one and she saw me as a tough one that
would not take anything from anyone…
she felt she would be safe! I was also a part
of Julies wedding to Roger and have remained
a part of their life all these years. We may see
each other once a year but I am proud to call
these two my friends. Proud of the bakery
they started a couple of years ago also and
how well they have done with it! You two
are great!

These are some of my long standing friends.
And there are stories I could tell on each one
of them, stories I could tell on each one of them
and I together...but I will not bore you, or cause
you to pee your pants laughing right now! These
friends are just some that have touched my life
in some really neat ways. In ways that I will
always remember and always hold dear…..but
then there are those friends that have come into
my life in the last few years that have also just
begun to touch my life, tomorrow I would love to
share them with you….

Thanks for stopping in,


Emily said…
Old friends like that are more like family to me...

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