Virus Protection...Beware

No, I am not talking from the Swine Flu Virus,
I am talking for your computer. You see, I
had protection on my computer but I still got
hit. So beware out there.

This past weekend my grandson was playing
games on my computer, which today I found
out that is an easy way to bring a virus into
your computer. While he was playing he put
the game on pause so that he could eat breakfast.
I looked over at the computer to see a virus
warning had popped up. Not reading it and
thinking that it was from my protection, I did
not close it out, I clicked for it to scan. MISTAKE.
By doing this I allowed a company by the name of
Personal Antivirus to attack and attach itself to
my computer, apparently bringing with it a host
of viruses. It did it’s little scan to come back and
tell me that I had 950 something treats and
viruses. YIKES.

What was I to do? So I started by trying to go
onto the computer and finding a free virus
removal tool to remove all this crap, only to
find out that every time I tried to key into a
site I was blocked with a warning. Every site,
including my blog, facebook…everything. The
only was I could see to remove this “crap” was
to purchase the package it offered for cleaning
up the problems it brought in at a cost of $59.95.
No way was I being sucked into that, bad enough
I was stupid enough to click on the scan to begin

I tried going into my add and remove section to
remove this crap but it was not listed, the only
thing I could do, per my Mothers suggestion was
to go in and restore my computer back two weeks.
That removed the Personal Antivirus but…the
viruses remained. Great!

I played with the computer all day Sunday,
cleaning, scanning and removing to think that
I finally had it done only to try and reload my
antivirus protection back on and have it pop up
that I have a bug still in a program on the computer
and it will not allow me to load this protection.
Great….so now what?

Okay, brain storm thanks to Sharon at work, ask
a guy I work with that does this for our department.
This is his job and he helps friends out of the side fixing
and repairing computers.

Bless you Keith. He had to keep my computer over
night and I was a bit lost last night without that connection
but thanks to him I should be ready to hook it up and
go this evening when I get home. YES!

It is so nice to have friends in different areas that do
side jobs for a little extra side money and I am so happy
that Sharon reminded me that she thought Keith did this.
So happy that Keith was willing to do it and it did not
cost me an arm or a leg….not so sure what I will do without
my hand….but hey!!! Just kidding Keith! I feel I got a steal
…..Thank you once again.

So this is a warning out there to everyone, be careful. I
have heard this happening to several other people since
I have mentioned it. If something like pops up, close it
out right then or you will be sorry.

As for the swine flu virus or the H1N1 virus…..wash
your hands! Keep them clean!

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
Yikes! I have Norton 360, but when I run AdAware and one other program I have, they still show cookies and tracking stuff that creeps in. I think my husband clicks on stuff, not realizing. I don't even open attachments in emails from friends unless it's a specific file I'm expecting. I don't care HOW cute or funny it is, it isn't funny if it infects my computer. Glad you got it fixed and had a friend who was so helpful!
That's horrible! I hate that we even have to worry about things like this. Glad you were able to get it fixed.

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