New School Year- 3rd Grade

My grandson Caleb entered the 3rd grade last Friday.
They attended for a 1/2 day. Tomorrow he will be
going all day long. He likes his teacher. Says she is really

Caleb ended last year with A's and B's and reading at
a 4th grade level. He loves learning and always has.

He told me just a couple of weeks ago that he wished
school had started earlier, he was ready to learn
some new things. I love it!

He will also come out with things that I had no clue
he knew. When I ask him where he gets these things
he tells me that he learns them on Animal Planet,
Discovery Channel or in class. He has also let me
know that he has read things in books that he checks
out from the library.

I am hoping that this is a smooth and good year for
Caleb. It's always nice when a child loves to learns
and when they soak it in and retain it so easy and

Here's to wishing Caleb a fantastic year!


Crystal Rae said…
WOW kids are already starting school. Where did the summer go?

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