True Story Tuesday -My Red Car

In 1987 right after my son was born I bought
a new car. First new car I have ever owned.
It was a fire engine red Ford Tempo, 5 speed,
4 doors (gotta have when you have two kids).

I have some long time friends (Barb and I have
been friends for 37 or more years, her hubby, Phil, a
bit less). Let me add here that Phil is not the same
Phil that I hit when I totalled my car. Anyway,
as the story goes, Barb and Phil lived on a very
busy two lane road. They
made a turn around at the end of their drive
way which made things a lot better, no more
backing out onto the main road. When you
pulled into their drive it was set up in such a
way that they pulled over and parked side by
side in front of the garage door. If anyone came
to visit they could just pull straight in and park
at the end of the drive. This would allow Phil to
still get his Ford Bronco out if need be.

My ex and I had gone over to spend an evening
with the Ware’s, the kids were playing, all was
well. Phil and my ex decided that they needed to
run to the store. So as Barb and I cleaned up the
kitchen, they left, only to return in a matter of

Phil walked into the house and told Barb that they
would need to call the insurance company first thing
Monday morning. We had been having storms around
lately and I figure that maybe as they were pulling
out he saw some loose shingles or something. No…
not that. Phil had backed into my car.

As they had walked back to get in his truck, talking,
apparently it had failed to register with Phil that my
car was parked on the end. So, he jumps in and being
that the Bronco sit a bit higher then my car, he puts
it in reverse, cuts the wheel to turn the truck around
and SLAM!

I don’t remember the exact amount of damage that
was done but it involved my drivers rear side back
light and the metal area around that. Pretty nasty
looking. Barb was so worried that I would be mad
since I had not had the car that long but, it was an
accident and it happens.

Jump forward into the future 7 years. I am divorced.
Sold my home and I have bought another one. I am
about to go sign the papers this one night but I
needed someone to watch my son. Barb said she
would. So the real estate lady thought that would
work great, she would pick me up there and we
would ride together.

Here’s the set up….same as before. I pull into the
drive, I have a feeling of being there like this before!
I pull into my parking spot at the end of the drive
and I look over, Phil Bronco (yes, the same) is in
the same spot, Barb’s car (yes, the same) is in the
same spot! I go into the house and my first thought
is to tell Phil to be careful pulling out, I am behind
him. He is taking a nap. Okay, so I tell Barb then
I am out of there.

I get back, they ask how it goes then tells me to
sit down. My first thought is, “what has Cory done”!
No, it was not him……yes, you got it, Phil hit my car
again. Same set up, same cars, same type of damage,
same area! Damage was not near as bad this time so
I had replace the light, push out the dent and all was
well. But I knew in my heart that heart target had to go!

True story. I have laughed so hard over this for years.
Not once, but twice, same car each time!

Thanks for stopping in.


Emily said…
oh no! I can't say much though...I've backed into people in the driveway numerous times! ;P
Foursons said…
HA! Too funny!
Talk about de ja vu.
Pam D said…
No WAY! That is hilarious! (well, at least it is now). And you even thought to warn Phil,all to no avail. I bet he felt SO bad (and is there much worse than having someone tell you to "sit down"?)
Rachel said…
Seriously??? WOW! I can't beat that! I would have been laughing harder than heck. What'd Phil have to say about it?

That is just too funny!
What are the odds??!! Too funny!

Mrs. Nurse Boy
Brandi said…
LOL! How funny is that?! :) You're not very lucky with cars and men named Phil! Hee,hee. ;)
Carmen said…
Sorry to say I giggled at your misfortune. Sounds like something that would happen to me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, I with you definitely agree
Kerstin Shed said…
I’m glad that the accident did not mar your friendship ties. I think he did not hit your car on purpose and he sounded quite sorry for what happened twice. He definitely left some mark on your vehicle on those two occasions. It is always fun to remember bits and pieces about the things that matter to us. I think your Ford Tempo reminds you of your beautiful friendship with Barb and Phil. :-)[Kerstin Shed]

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