The Rubber Snake Joke

If you have read any of my back issues of my blog,
like the one’s titled “Can this be the reason I
am not married anymore”, then you probably
have learned one important thing~~ I am a
jokester! I love a good laugh, especially if I
have managed to pull one over on someone
else. But there again, I am good at telling
things on myself that also bring in a laugh
or two, I believe in sharing the laughter!

There have been a couple of ‘jokes” that
involved a neighbor I had. I live in a zero
lot line home, which basically is a townhouse
duplex. I own my half, the neighbor owned
hers. She lived alone, I lived with my two kids.

My neighbor and I spent time either on her
deck or mine on Saturday or Sunday enjoying
a cup or two of coffee, we did the garden/flower
shopping thing together, dinners and things like
that. With that said, she became the subject to a
few of my “jokes”.

Normally in the evenings you could find us both
out at the same time watering our plants and
flowers, so with this knowledge I worked up my
plan. My neighbor was not to fond of snakes and
with us living on a creek it was not to uncommon
for us to run across one here and there. Now my
plan came into play mostly cause a week or two
before my neighbor was in the back messing in
her garden when she yells for me…..SNAKE! I
take my shovel up and chop him into.

The plan begins to form………my son, a lot like I,
work together on this plan. I decide that we need
to take his rubber snake (those things look so real)
and “plant” it in her garden near her deck. She had
a couple of clay pots laying on the side with plants
spilling out of them, perfect place! Push that rubber
snake up in there and have just the head sticking
out, then wait.

Evening rolls around, watering time. I grab my hose
and go to my flower bed at the deck and begin to
water. Neighbor comes out, starts to water her bed
at her deck. Cory and I are out there just talking to
each other, waiting, watching. When I hear the
sudden intake of air and then “Pam, there’s a snake
in my garden”. We walk over carefully, looking and
straining our necks as we look, trying to locate the
said snake. After asking where, she points it out. My
son starts to walk up to the bed and she warns him
back telling him to back off and be careful, no telling
what kind it is……just then Cory grabs it! Yep…talk
about fright! I thought I would have to pick her up
off the ground, then I thought someone would have
to pick me up off the ground where I fell laughing
so hard.

We all ended the day with a good laugh. Neighbor
accusing me of almost giving her a heart attack and
later that night me ending up in the ER thinking that
was exactly what I was having. Thank goodness those
chest pains turned out to be a wicked case of acid
reflux but I really thought I was being paid back!

Thanks for stopping in and come back tomorrow to
read another neighbor joke,


Emily said…
You are a prankster! I love a good joke though! ;
Pam D said…
HEEEEE! That was great! I'm so glad I don't live next door to you, though. We do have several rubber snakes ourselves, and one looks particularly real. Adam actually tricked the girls next door a day or two after we killed the copperhead; he put that rubber snake at the end of the driveway and had them going for quite a while. You and he would get along just fine.

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