Home Depot Kids Projects

I was not aware that Home Depot offered
projects once a month for kids until
last month. My daughter started working
for Home Depot and she told me about it
because she wanted Caleb to be able to
attend but she had to work that Saturday.
In my area these projects are held on the
first Saturday of every month.

The class for these projects start at 9
and go till noon. You can come at anytime
during those hours.

You go in and at a long table they have kits
sat out around the table. You pick a spot to
sit and just proceed. The kit has directions
on the project that you are working on. Each
child has the same project, and that project
changes each month.

When you enter and pick a place to sit, you
are given an official looking orange Home
Depot apron to put on and wear. You write
your name across the top. You take this
home with you. Caleb and I took this back
for his second project, he really don’t need
more then one!

In July Caleb made a caddy. The kit consisted
of the cut wooden pieces, nails in a package,
and the directions. There was glue, safety
glasses and a hammer at each seat for the
children to use.

Caleb sat right down and ripped into his kit,
laying his pieces out to see if they matched
what was on the directions. Then following
the directions and the pictures on those
directions, he proceeds to put his caddy
together, with a little help from Nana.
The Home Depot helpers are there for help
if you need them. First came the gluing of
the sides before you nail them together.
Nana was a big help here cause she could
help hold together those sides as Caleb
put the first nail in…..how brave was I?
Actually, Caleb does really well with a
hammer and screwdriver since his Nana has
been letting him help her with projects
since he was a little bitty thing.

Anyway, project under way! These kits contain
all the kids will need to complete the projects
and they do not take anytime at all. After the
project is finished the child gets a certificate
with their name written on it, a pin to attach
to their apron with that project featured on it,
a sticker, their apron and their finished project
to take home and parents the best part about
this is…..it cost nothing.

You get to spend some good old fashion building
project time with your kids or grandkids, they
learn something new, they have the pride of
taking home something they made and finished.
The look of pride on their face alone is the best reward.

This past Saturday was Home Depot Kids Project
Day again. Caleb and Nana went again also. This
time Caleb made a message board. No gluing this
time, but there was hammering again and this
time a screwdriver was used.

Check out the pride on this little guys face
at what he has turned out! I love it. These
could be used for Home Depot ads!

Every year I try to come up with a project that
Caleb can make for his Mom and his Great Granny
for their birthdays and Christmas. These projects
are things that we will work on together in my
craft room. I have done this since Caleb was a
little bitty boy. It is time well spent together,
it gives him the pride of making these items,
the pride of giving the items he makes and they
are special gifts that Mom and Granny can always
have. These Home Depot projects are helping me
out this year with the birthdays (both that fall
in December) and the Christmas gifts. Thanks
Home Depot!

Thanks for stopping in


Anonymous said…
OMG Pam these are beautiful projects. I can tell by the cute smile on Calebs face that he just loves attending these classes. AND the price to attend is SWEET! I didn't know of this...and my little guy loves to build things. I'll be on the phone calling my local Home Depot to see if they offer this program as soon as I finish this comment. Christmas gifts...what a grand idea! Hmm ok..so thanks for the heads up.. bet you had a blast taking him as well.. Enjoy yr day. Nancy M; Ohio
Pam D said…
I didn't even think about taking Adam so he could do them as presents for people! Oh, you are brilliant, missy. Now.. you have to REMIND me when project day is coming up so I can take my boy, too!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful, creative idea for kids and family! Thanks for sharing!
Xiomara said…
He looks so serious while making it and then that smile...what a great job little man! Impressed with Home Depot kids projects.

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