I am so falling behind on my blogging. I try but there are just some days that you just can't get to it. Course with spring things pick up and you never seem to have all the time you need in a given day.

Last weekend I was hoping all over the place with graduations. No thank goodness I did not have any to graduate! But I was there to support my niece and my nephew that are finally out of school…..for now, at least till college starts.

Friday night my nephew Cobi graduated from Mt. Juliet Christian and on Saturday morning my niece Holly graduated from Donelson Christian. They both looked so happy. Course Holly looked nervous when she went up on stage. Found that so funny since she is the actress in the family and has been on stage so many times.

Thinking of these kids starting out on a different journey of life brought back memories. I for one just kept saying, "I am out, I made it, it's over"! There were no college plans waiting to be made, I did not like school and I was not going back. Now before graduation I struggled with what I would do, I thought of the Navy, and decided that I had such a hard time doing what I was told by my parents that the Navy was out….no way could I do that. And when I was younger I flopped between being a fashion designer, or a hair dresser! Yeah, one of them is on one range of the scale and the other on the other end! I loved playing with hair and I loved drawing clothes. Funny thing now, I don't care about styles, I wear what I want. I don't worry with my hair, I wear it short. Things change.

The only college I really wanted to attend was the Clown College in Fla. Then I decided that I just did not want to leave the area I knew. So I went to work.

I am proud of Holly and Cobi for having their plans for college made. Cobi will stay close to home and Holly will become a UT'er.

Here are some pics I took at both graduations.

Cobi's graduation
The seniors put these on when
they moved their tassels
Nothing like having your name put in
wrong. It should be Micah Cobi

One of Cobi's teachers and a excellent speaker.

Cobi hugging Granny.
(my mom)

So proud.

Cobi with his Dad and Stepmom, Lori.

Whoops, someone got my camera!
That is me and Cobi and
Jessica in the background.
Silly family.

Cobi with his brother and sister.
Jessica and Sean.

Holly made it.

Yeah, I made it!

Moms and Dads were to stand if they had
a child graduating.
I have to admit it, that is my youngest
brother with my sis in law, Kim.
What is it with this family and looks they
make when the camera is pointed at them?

Look, here again with the faces!
That is my nephew Chase with his tongue out.
He is holding his son, Cole and that
is his wife Susan on the other side
of Holly.

Was trying to get a side shot of Holly, but
I have to say the shot of I got of my oldest
brother, Ray is priceless!
The lady with him is my sis in law Lori.

Grad party afterwards....
Holly's Dad wearing her cap.

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