Day 145- August 17, 2010 - Style with Red

Monday night I decided that I needed to make
a pair of earrings and necklace in red to match my
red shirt that I planned to wear the next day....

This is what I turned out.

Love the earring drops but just was not really liking the
necklace after I wore it on Tuesday.

So I played around with it a little more.

Like this one so much better.

Then tonight I wanted to work on another project.
I had stopped in at Hobby Lobby earlier and got a pair
of flip flops. Regular price $2.99, but wearable art was
marked at 50% off. Then I got these strips of things that
were marked $3.99 and being that it was also considered
wearable art, I got it for $2.00.

For $3.00 I have a cute pair of flip flops to finish
off the summer in ......

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