This, That and the Other

So spring finally found us here in
the Nashville area.
Only to throw in Dogwood winter
last week.
Had to laugh when I saw this!
Covering plants?
Early ghost for Halloween?
Afraid the mailbox was cold?
Well you know me, it was to
funny to pass up, had to have
a pic.
This was another head scratching
site at next door to mom's house
one day.

Orange Tree?
The kids were tossing up the Halo's
as the groceries were being taking
from the car...
yep, tree caught them.
Halo's.....reminds me of a story.
A month or so ago I was at home and
I decided I wanted a Halo. So I
am at the kitchen sink washing my
Halo off when the phone rings.
I missed the call from my mom
so I called her back and she asked
what I was doing?
My reply.....
Washing my Halo!
Total silence on mom's end of
the line.
Then I realized how that sounded and
I busted out laughing.
Cleaning off the deck and uncovering
the grill last weekend I found
this guy.
Thinking he is a tree frog.


I had to usher him to the edge of the creek
bank around trees to get him moving.
But I got him out of the way, so afraid
I would step on him.
Last but not least...
Indian money.
Not found any of this
stuff since I was a kid and we
used to search for cool rocks
and keep them.
I love my find now I just
have to figure out
what to do with them.

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
I've never heard of indian money... hmmmm

also never heard of dogwood winter? is that what you called it?

I was in n'ville over the last weekend and it was so nice!!

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