Working Around the Yard

Weekend before last I worked in the
yard and got the deck all decked
out for enjoying time out there.
This weekend I intended to make a flower
bed along side of the shed.
But the issue with that every spring is
With a tennis racket in hand I knocked
several across the yard, and cut one in
half, but you know you can only
play tennis with them for so long...
And if you really want to read a funny..
jump over to an older blog
and enjoy a good read.
The deal is, the first original ones
to my shed years ago, drilled up
in the wood at the bottom of my shed.
With swarming it makes it hard to
get out there.
I learned that they lay the eyes up in the
holes, and then they die.
The eggs hatch out in the spring and
the swarming starts again.
Even with the extreme cold, I actually
have more then I have ever had.
With all that said, I decided to wait
to make that bed, till they are gone.
So I had to locate another spot.
I checked the area of my Cana's and
found that they are not coming
back. Apparently they froze out
this winter....but that opened a spot
for a bet.
Deana, a woman I met a couple of years ago
and I think of now as a friend brought me
some plants last week so I
got them in the ground in the new

I cut back the hydrangea's again. Cut them
back a couple of weeks ago but since they
have really popped up from the bottom I
cut the rest of the stalks from last yr. down.
I have my two original ones that I was
given over 15 yrs. ago. A smaller
one I bought about 5 yrs. ago and
about 2 or 3 starters from the
That bed is getting full fast.
I have a plant that I have had for over 20
yrs., Lemon Sage or Balm. A
friend up the streets hubby wanted
some so I took some to him and in
turn I was able to bring this home!
There is actually two kinds of ferns there.

Until the bees are gone I am done with
beds. But I do have pots on the deck that
needs plants in them. That is usually where
I put my herbs.
I also found these for plant holders...
Aren't they colorful?
Not bad buys either.
The bucket was 3.00 at a thrift store and the 
other two came from Deals Dollar store for
4.00 each.  

Looking forward to getting them full and
out side.
Thanks for stopping in,


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