Fuse Box Cover/Door

I don' think that I ever known anyone
to move and take the cover/door
off the fuse box to take it with them.
Years ago I got a call from my brother
wanting to know if I could paint on the
cover of the fuse box.
Never have done it but figured why not.
Their fuse box was in the washroom. It was
taken down and given to me to paint.
Ray left it up to me as to what to
paint on it.
This is what I came up with...
Brick patio, birdbath, flowers and
vines of green.
I think upon seeing it Ray got more than
he thought he would get! But Lori, my
sis in law loved it so much that when
she took people through their home, they
were taken to the washroom that was now
painted a peachy/orange color to match a flower in
the painting.
We laughed about them moving one day
and having to take the cover with them.

And that is just what they did.
It is now hanging in there bedroom.
Pretty cool I think.
Thanks for stopping in,


Kim@Snug Harbor said…
That is a great story. And you're a talented painter too. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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