The Weekend -Cleaning the Deck and the Master Piece

Before I move onto the cleaning of the deck
I wanted to share CLYDE!
This is my son's dog. He is 3 yrs old and
weighs in at a whopping 135!
As you can tell, he is a big boy.
He keeps hurting the pad on his back foot
so Cory has him all bandaged up.
 Now, the master piece!
Candle holder I got at Goodwill for
$1.99 a couple
of years ago. In the past I have sat
a clay pot with flowers down in the
holder....looks adorable.
But I decided to change it up some
this year.

So I took a glass globe I found at Goodwill
a few months ago for the same price
of the holder and ....

This is what I came up with.
Looks great in the garden but when things
really start blooming it will look even

Now moving on to the deck.
Two years ago
the sides were rebuilt on my deck,
 the flooring
might look rough but if is stable so
it stayed
as it was.
This weekend I got out and uncovered the
items on the deck, had them covered with
tarp and I rearranged the
deck a bit different from the past yr.
First I took these to the yard and
scrubbed them down.

Uncovered the glider.
Yes, THE KING is enjoying his
Scrubbed down the table and chairs.

And uncovered the grill that I just
had to have last year. Let's see
if I cook on it more than I did
last year which was a total
of two times!
I hate to cook!

And then there is this piece.
My youngest brother gave it to
and I am going to Lowes this
week to get the out door lamp to
go on the top.
It will make a great addition to my
Anyway, its so nice in the mornings to
sit out with my coffee and enjoy
the birds singing.
By noon in comes the sun.
But, I am in the process of getting
some estimates to put a roof
over the deck and maybe, maybe....
screen it in.
I have a creek that runs just past the
grill under those bushes you see and
in the summer
Screening this in would be amazing.
Thanks for stopping in,


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